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The Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory is the only complete directory serving the ocean/marine/offshore community. Updated technical articles and industry reports, listing of manufacturers, cross index of products and services available.

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42 SECTION C • Products Buyers Guide • BG 2018 Propulsion Equipment Pumps, Pressure & Vacuum Radar Systems Navigation Reflectors Surveillance Recorders, Data Releases Acoustic Electronic Galvanic Timed Mechanical Remote Sensing, Satellite Rope Fiber Wire Safety & Survival Equipment Samplers Biological Bottom Corers Dredge Plankton Water Seafloor Visualization Systems Seals Sensors Acoustic Alkalinity Attitude Carbon Dioxide Conductivity/Salinity Density Depth Dissolved Oxygen Fluorescence H 2 S Heave, Pitch, Roll Humidity Infrared Light Load/Force Magnetic Field Methane, Underwater Motion Nutrient Oil Leak Detection pH Plankton Counter Pressure Proximity Radiation Sound Velocity Suspended Solids Tank Gauging Temperature Tilt Turbidity Vibration Water Level Wave Height/Direction Ships, Boats, Vessels Barges Fishing Vessels Geophysical Vessels Inflatables Oil Spill Recovery Research/Survey Submarines Submersibles Workboats Signal Processing Systems Simulators & Trainers Slip Rings Electromechanical Fiber Optic Sonar Systems Active Interferometry Multibeam Passive Side-Scan Synthetic Aperture Sonar Sonobuoys Sub-Bottom Profilers Switches Telemetry Systems Thickness Gauges Tide Gauges Tools, Marine Course Indicators & Recorders Cranes, Hoists & Equipment Current Meters Acoustic ADCP Electromechanical Vector Data Acquisition Systems Data Loggers Geophysical Meteorological Subsea Data Processing Systems Depth Indicators & Recorders Direction Finders Diver Apparel & Equipment Diving & Decompression Chambers Echosounders Electric Power Sources Electrical Equipment, Marine Electromechanical Components Environmental Test Chambers Explosives & Ordnance, Underwater Fiber Optic Rotary Joints Fiber Optic Systems Fibers, Rope Filters Fittings, Topside Marine Hardware Fittings, Undersea Applications Flotation Devices Flow Meters Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Geophysical Instruments Data Loggers Gravity Meters Magnetometers Printers, Plotters Seismic Acquisition Seismic Profilers Hose & Fittings Hydraulic Equipment & Systems Hydrophones Imaging Systems Instrument Housings/Enclosures Laboratory Apparatus Thermometers Lasers Underwater Launch & Recovery Systems Life Rafts, Inflatables Life Support Systems & Breathing Gases Lights, Marine/Underwater Lubricants, Greases Marine Handling Equipment Marine Night Vision Systems Materials, Basic, for Fabrication & Construction Meteorological Equipment Barometers Humidity Light Intensity Temperature Weather Stations Wind Velocity Mobile Vans, Enclosures Motors, Electric Navigation & Positioning Systems Acoustic Differential GPS Displays GL/ECDIS Ready Diver Held Doppler Dynamic Positioning Systems Electronic Charts (ECDIS) Galileo GPS Inertial Integrated Laser Microwave Equipment Omega Satellite Software Nets Offshore Structures, Drill Rigs, Platforms Oil Pollution Control Equipment Optical-Ranging Equipment Pingers Plotters Pollution Control Equipment Pressure Vessels PRODUCTS LOCATOR Accelerometers Actuators, Rotary Adhesives Airguns Amplifiers & Preamplifiers Analyzers Acoustic Chemical Electrical & Electronic Anchors & Mooring Systems Antennas Aquaculture Systems Atmospheric Diving Systems Autoclaves Autopilots Bathymetry Systems Batteries & Battery Chargers Beach Restoration Systems, System Components Beacons Locating Marking Bulbs Buoyancy Materials Buoys Marker Mooring Navigation Oceanographic Surface Drifting Weather Cables & Cable Connectors Assemblies Cable Location, Fault Systems Electrical Electromechanical Fairings Fiber Optic Mechanical Molding Penetrators, Connectors Seismic Splice Kits Tension & Metering Systems Calibration, Standards & Test Equipment Cameras, Underwater, Television & Photo Equipment, Pan & Tilt Units Cases, Containers, Enclosures, & Tanks Ceramics Actuators Piezoceramic Piezoelectric Transducers Charts, Navigation Chemicals, Coatings & Finishes Communications Equipment, Marine Facsimiles Intercoms Radios Receivers Satcoms Transceivers Transmitters Communications Systems (Underwater) Acoustic Fiber Optic Hard-Wire Wireless Compasses Fluxgate Gyro Inertial Magnetic Composite Structures Compressors, Pumps & Blowers Computers Hardware Software Converters, Data Analog Digital Tape Corrosion Detection Equipment Corrosion Protection Equipment Countermeasures Systems Acoustic Electronic Counters, Timers

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