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Page 108 of 115 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 109 James Cook University of North Queensland School of Earth Sciences Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4811 JAMES KIRBY/1972, 19.5 m, 49 GT • Furuno radar, GM-20 Furuno THD sat. compass model SC- 110, Furuno DGPS, color sounder, chart plotter. • Teledyne RESON SeaBat 8101 multibeam swath sonar, Da- tasonics Chirp II 6600 acoustic profiling system, sonar, ORE sub profiling system. • Codan HF, GME VHF, sat. phone, Next G Broadband In- ternet access. • Three Jaden trawl winches, vibrocorer, grab samplers, A- frame, 1-t. SWL. • Dry lab is 3 sq. m. • Marine research and teaching, and research dive support. • Available for lease or charter. Maritime Helicopters 3520 FAA Rd. Homer, AK 99603 Email: MARITIME MAID/1971/1985, 86 ft., 118.7 GT • Furuno FR 1940 48 mi., Furuno 1942 64 mi., with GPS, Northstar 962 Moving Map, Garmin with PC map plotter, Robertson 45 autopilot, Furuno, Northstar and Eagle fath- ometers. • Internet, towed instrumentation (sonar). • SEA 22 (SSB) ICOM VHF, FM, King Air VHF, CB, Iridium sat. phone, Motorola cell phone, Sat Com E-TRAC, Raytheon hailer, Furuno Weatherfax, Skytrac, printer, SAT compass, Sailor 150 Broadband. • 4-t. Husky Mariner crane, 750 Danforth anchor. • Dry lab. • Research. • Available for lease or charter. McGregor GeoScience Ltd. 177 Bluewater Rd. Bedford, NS B4B 1H1 Canada Email: STRAIT EXPLORER/—, 150 ft., — • Sperry Visionmaster radar, Suzuki ES-5300 sounder, Suzuki ES-1080 sounder, Koden KGP-913 DGPS, Sperry gyro SR-120 and Sperry Mod-1 compass, Robertson AP45 autopilot. • Seismic compressors, air gun arrays and multibeam sys- tems. • Sailor RT5022 VHF, Ray 152 SSB, Alden Navtex GMDSS, Newmar IP-10 intercom, JRC NCT-196 DSC terminal DSC watch, KVH TracPhone V7, Iridium open port, Ray 430 loud hailer. • 10-t. stern A-frame, 5-t. midship A-frame, 6-t. knuckle- boom crane, 3-t. stern winch, 1,000 ft. of 3/4-in. cable on hydraulic winch, 20-t. knuckleboom stern crane. • Moonpool. • Ice-classed vessel for ocean bottom coring, ROV tasking, and shallow seismic and multibeam surveying. • — STRAIT HUNTER/—, 195 ft., — • Furuno ARPA, FR 2130S, Racal Decca color BT 501 ra- dar, Simrad C-Map electronic chart system, Sperry Mk 27 gyrocompass, Anschutz gyrostar gyrocompass, Robertson AP 9 MK II autopilot, Navtex NCR-300A, ELAC LA2 50 echo- sounder, Raytheon 398 GPS, Trimble DSM 132 DGPS. • Teledyne RESON 8160 hull-mounted multibeam echo- sounder. • System in accordance with SOLAS requirements for GMDSS-A3, Inmarsat B, VSAT, GSM with voice and data. • 2-t. Stromme crane, 18-t. Heila crane, 8-t. A-frame, 15-t. midship A-frame, Karmoy winch for midship, 1,950-m with 26-mm wire, capstan, anchor windless. • — • 60-m, ice-strengthened survey research vessel. • — STRAIT SIGNET/—, 130 ft., — • Raytheon M34 ARPA, Raytheon RL 80C 4-kW, Raytheon DSL 250 digital sounder, Raytheon DE-731 stylus plot- ter, Raytheon DSN-450 Doppler log, MicroLogic, Trimble Navtrac, Furuno GP-32 DGPS, Sperry gyro SR-130, Sperry AutoPilot 8T (magnetic), Ray Fax 1500 weatherfax, Com Nav G2 A IS JRC ± JHS182 digital compass. • Full suite of instruments available. • CTD winch (Markey DUSH-5) 9,000 M 0.322-in. EM cable, hydro winch (Markey DUSH-4), clean wire winch (Markey COM-7), mooring winch (TSE-SD-70), lifting winch D.E.M.E. 20 series, pedestal winch, stern A-frame, starboard A-frame, main deck Appleton crane. • Wet lab, two dry labs, radio isotope van, seawater intake pump, CTD and rosette, Millipore Alpha-Q reagent water system. • Berthing for up to 22 scientists and technicians. • Deepsea oceanography. • Available for lease or charter with prior communication to marine superintendent. EGS (Asia) Ltd. 5th Floor, Zung Fu Industrial Building 1067 King's Road, Quarry Bay Hong Kong RIDLEY THOMAS/2004, 61.1 m, 1,241 GT • Two Furuno GP 80 GPS, Robertson AP9 MKII autopilot, Furuno FAR 2825 radar, Furuno FR125 radar, Sperry Marine MK227 gyro, Navigat MK2 Mod 10 gyro, Sperry Marine E/S 5100 echosounder, McMurdo M2 MKD AIS, Sea Marshall type SAR 1003 MKII, Veripos DGPS with Qinsy navigation package. • Simrad EM122 full ocean depth multibeam with CARIS HIPS/SIPS processing package, ELAC 180-kHz multibeam echosounder, Simrad EA400 single-beam echosounder, Geo- Acoustics 4-by-4 hull-mounted pinger, Teledyne Benthos SIS- 1625 dual-frequency chirp/side scan sonar combined system and 6,000 m deep-tow deployment winch, Sonardyne Fusion USBL system, Seaspy magnetometer, CPT system datem with winch for deployment to 2,000 m water depth, 3-m gravity corer capable of deployment in 2,000 m water depth, moon- pool. • MTN VSAT, Inmarsat C, three Sailor integrated MF/HF VHF radio, DSC/Watach receiver, ICS Nav5plus, NERA Sat F voice and data link. • 10-t. stern A-Frame, 1.5-t. extending boom crane. • Wet lab. • — • — Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Lake Michigan Field Station 1431 Beach St. Muskegon, MI 49441 Email: LAURENTIAN R8001/1974, 80 ft., 180 GT • Sperry Mk 12 radar, Raytheon R40X radar, Ross 250C and 801 survey-grade echosounders with Sea Chest transducer, Furuno FSN-80 Navsat, Sperry Mk 37 gyro. • MAF and Sea-Bird CTD multiparameter probes, Niskin bottles, mechanical BT's Ponar grab sampler, Wildco No. 1725 box corer, Mk-V Soutar/Van Veen, gravity corer, nets, vertical tow, portland sound, plankton, larvae, flow meter, LADS data acquisition system, Klein model 595 graphic re- corder. • SSB, two Raytheon Ray 55 VHFs. • Hydro winch CLB 3-10-9h, hydro winch Gearmatic #5, trawl and coring CM-double drum, trawl and coring CM single drum, CTD winch CLB, Dunbar HIAB crane, A-frame, 13-ft. Boston Whaler. • Dry lab is 400 sq. ft., wet lab is 144 sq. ft. • Physical, chemical, biological and geological oceano- graphic study in the Great Lakes. • — HydroDive Nigeria Ltd. 17 Wharf Rd. Apapa Lagos, Nigeria HD CONTENDER/1996, 257 ft., — • — • — • — • 35-t. crane, 30-t. A-frame. • Nine-man saturation diving system, permanently installed ROVs. • Inspection, repair, maintenance, deepwater projects. • Available for lease or charter. OTHER Alfred-Wegener Institute Am Handelshafen 12, D-27570 Bremerhaven (Building E-2525) HEINCKE/1990, 54.5 m, 1,322 GT • Gyrocompass, 2 x autopilot, two radars, radio navigation systems: NMS 2000, MK 53B, Trimble 10X, Seral SR3 with color plotter, radio direction finder, Doppler log Dolog 22 D, EM log Naviknot II. • Telephone, 2 x talk-back systems, data collection and dis- tribution system for nautical, meteorological and all kinds of data (PC-based), HF-SSB-radio telephone 1.6-30mc, VHF units, GMDSS A1, A2, A3, Fleet 55, weather fax receiver. • 380/220 V, 50-Hz network, 220 V, 50-Hz stabilized network, 220 V, 50-Hz UPS, pressed air 4 bar, industrial water, pure sea- water, data distribution system‚ DATADIS, remote control for acoustic systems. • Dry laboratory about 42 sq. m, wet laboratory about 28 sq. m, freezing laboratory about 9 sq. m, multipurpose labo- ratory about 22 sq. m, space for containers about 38 sq. m. • To serve all marine disciplines from biology and ecology, physical oceanography and ocean chemistry to geology. • — Australian Institute of Marine Science PMB No. 3 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4810 CAPE FERGUSON/2000, 23.9 m, 212 GT • Furuno 72 nm radar, Furuno 92 nm radar, Furuno 1500 color sounder, TMQC-Plot 95 navigator, Furuno GP-80 GPS navigator, Tokimec 6M-21 gyrocompass. • — • Furuno Sat C communication, Furuno HF and VHF GMDSS receivers and transmitters, Westinghouse 1000 sat. phone and fax, Furuno FS 1562 HF radio. • Main winch and A-frame at 2-t. SWL, oceanographic winch 1,000 m at 250-kg SWL, 3-by-4.6-m RIB. • Wet and dry laboratories, DynaFlow 1000 fume cupboard scientific/computer office. • Marine research, multipurpose/diving support. SOLANDER/2007, 34.9 m, 410 GT • Saura T-150IIF, Furuno 1964CBB, Furuno CH250, Furuno ETR-30W, Furuno GP37. • Sea-Bird CTDs, live CTN capability, thermosalinograph, benthic sampling equipment, multiuse moonpool carriage. • Furuno 1562-15SSB, Furuno 8500 VHF, satellite communi- cations, VHF handhelds. • Palfinger PKM120, 4-t. Hamilton 200 m with 8-t. A-frame, hydrographic winch 350 kg, 2,000 m. • Dry lab is approx. 21 sq. m, wet lab is approx. 18 sq. m, scientific office is 9 sq. m, Dynaflow fume hood, 600-by-600- mm moonpool located in wet lab, Nitrox dive compressor, 3-by-4.6-m RIBs. • Multipurpose research/diving support vessel for up to 12 scientific personnel. • Available for lease or charter. Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) 17 Biological Station St. George's GE01 Bermuda Email: ATLANTIC EXPLORER/1981/2006, 170 ft., 861 GT • Furuno FAR2127 radars with ARPA, Furuno FA100 AIS, Simrad ES-60 depth sounder, Ashtech attitude direction unit, Simrad AP50 autopilot, Furuno GP90 GPS, Sperry Mk 37 Mod I and Mod II gyrocompasses. • Knudsen 320B echosounder with 12-kHz EDO transducer, Teledyne RDI ocean surveyor vessel-mounted 75-kHz phased array. • Bridge Nokia Iridium phone, Trimble galaxy Inmarsat-C e-mail, NERA Fleet 33 MPDS phone and e-mail, NERA B phone/e-mail.

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