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108 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 • 1,500-lb. boom, trawl winch, deck winch, A-frame. • 500-sq.-ft. hold, 10-by-13-ft. work deck. • Fisheries research, dive support, all-purpose coastal and intercoastal research. • Available for charter, with fully licensed and insured crew. University of Washington Ocean Sciences Bldg. Box 355350 Seattle, WA 98195 BARNES/1984, 65 ft., 80 GT • Racal-Decca BT 470 radar, Furuno FE-6-6 50- and 200- kHz sounders, Raytheon V-820 50- and 200-kHz sounder, Echotech CTM 900 plotter, Sperry SR220 gyro and 1085E autopilot, research instrumentation of all types is available through the university's equipment pool. • TI 3000 SSB, ICOM M80C VHF-FM, cell phone. • 30-ft. telescoping crane (1,600-lb. capacity), CTD winch, hydro winch, three-point moor winches (portable). • 119-sq.-ft. multiuse laboratory space. • Research. • — THOMAS G. THOMPSON/1991, 274 ft., 3,316 GT • Dual Sperry Mk 37 gyros, Raytheon Pathfinder radars (3 and 10 cm with CAS), Mackay 4005 ADF, Magnavox MX1107 GPS, Honeywell R/S 906 acoustic positioning system (SBL and LBL), Robertson Shipmate dynamic positioning system, SyQwest dual-axis Doppler speed log, two Raytheon RD-500 depth finders, 3.5-kHz sub-bottom profiler using 12 SyQwest TR-1-09 transducers, two 12-kHz bottom profilers using Sy- Qwest TC-12/34 transducers, SyQwest PTR-105B and ORE 140 transceivers, CESP III correlator, SyQwest PDP200 digi- tizer, Krupp-Atlas Hydrosweep DS swath mapping system. • Two LMF 300-scfm seismic air compressors, 150-kHz Tele- dyne RDI ADCP, Sea-Bird SBE-9 and EG&G Neil Brown Mk III CTD systems with Seatech transmissometer, fluorometer and biospheric light sensor, General Oceanics rosettes, Ni- skin bottles. • Telesystems MCS 9120 satcom, Mackay MRU-29B radio- telegraph station, Mackay MSR-5050 HF receiver, Mackay MSR-8050 HF receiver, Mackay MSR 1,020-kW linear amp, Robertson RS-8100 marine band FM, Intech Mariner 1511, two 182-kHz watch receiver. • Markey DESH-0-11WF winch with 9/16-in. wire rope/cor- ing and 0.680-in. EM cable for deep tows, two Markey DESH- 5 CTD/hydro winches, stern A-frame, starboard J-frame, two heavy-lift Alaska Marine cranes, two portable HIAB Foco 180 articulated sea cranes. • Hydrographic lab is 700 sq. ft., wet lab is 235 sq. ft., main lab is 1,730 sq. ft., bioanalytical cleanroom is 359 sq. ft., electronics/computer lab is 820 sq. ft., staging bay is 380 sq. ft. • General-purpose oceanographic research. • — Zephyr Marine P.O. Box 240224 Douglas, AK 99824 CHINOOK/2007, 34 ft., 7 GT • Garmin GPSmap 4212, fully integrated GPS, chartplotter, radar, XM weather. • Hull-mounted Teledyne Odom 200-kHz single beam. • ICOM VHF radio. • Hydraulic A-frame with Pullmaster PL-2 planetary winch. • — • Oceanographic survey and research projects. • — MINOTAUR/—, 30 ft., 8 GT • Garmin radar, chart plotter, AIS and autopilot. • — • Uniden VHF, cell phone. • Custom transducer mounts. • — • Oceanographic research. • — WESTERLY/2011, 50 ft., — • Garmin GPSmap 5212, fully integrated GPS, chartplotter, radar, depth sounder, Simrad AP 28 autopilot. • Hull-mounted Teledyne Odom 200-kHz single beam, moonpool with hydraulic gantry. • Two ICOM IC-504 marine VHF radio. • Hydraulic A-frame with Pullmaster PL-2 planetary winch. • — • Oceanographic survey and research projects. tom-tracking 600-kHz ADCPs, SBE-45 underway data acqui- sition system. • Cell phone, UHF and broadband Internet connection. • 3,000-lb. scientific A-frame, 150-m of four-conductor 0.322-in. armored cable, Markey COM-3 scientific winch, davit, Pullmaster winch. • Wet and dry labs. • Scientific research, education. • Available for scientific charter. Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego 297 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106-3505 ROBERT GORDON SPROUL/1981, 125 ft., 524 GT • Radar, gyrocompass, Griff depth recorder, Robertson auto- pilot, two Furuno radars, Furuno echosounder, GPS. • — • Fleet broadband satellite system, two VHF radios, two HF radios, F77 Inmarsat. • Markey trawl and hydrographic winches, Western Gear hydro/CTD winch. • Permanent wet/dry lab, portable labs available. • Oceanographic research. • — ROGER REVELLE/1996, 275 ft., 3,250 GT • Teledyne RDI ADCP, SyQwest Doppler speed log, two Raytheon RD-500 fathometers, CTD systems, SIS, Nautronix RS906 acoustic positioning system, gyrocompass. • Simrad EM122 swath survey system, Simrad EM120 12- kHz multibeam, Knudsen 3.5 12-kHz sub-bottom profiler, Trimble Tasmon GPS. • Fleet broadband satellite system, Sperry GMDSS suite, JRC Inmarsat B, F77 Inmarsat. • TSC mooring winch, two Markey DESH-5 winches, two telescopic boom cranes, two portable foldable boom cranes, hydrographic boom, working deck crane, A-frame. • Electronics/computer lab. • Oceanographic research. • — Southern California Marine Institute 820 S. Seaside Ave. Terminal Island, CA 90731 YELLOWFIN/1987, 76 ft., 109 GT • Furuno fathometer, Trimble GPS, Northstar DGPS, Raythe- on 64-mile plotting radar, R41-Master 32-mile radar. • XBT, Sea-Bird CTD, Klein side scan sonar. • Two VHFs, ICOM SSB. • Hydro winch with 1,500-m 5/16-in. wire rope, main drag winch with 5,000-m 7/16-in. wire rope, stern A-frame, ar- ticulating crane. • Wet lab is 50 sq. ft. • Coastal oceanographic research and educational training cruises. • — Mark M. Tognazzini 1245 Embarcadero Morro Bay, CA 93442 Email: BONNIE MARIETTA/1981, 38 ft., 21 GT • Ritchie compass, Furuno DGPS 37, Furuno GPS 30 with FBX2 differential beacon receiver, Standard Horizon 1000 video plotter with autopilot interphase, Sitex Koden T-180 radar, Sitex Koden T-185 radar, ComNav 1101 autopilot, with steering stabilizer and ComNav 101 remote, Furuno FVC 585 fathometer. •JRC 200 VHF, Standard Horizon VHF, ICOM M422 VHF, Uniden Atlantis handheld VHF, ICOM M700 single side band, cellular phone with 5-W amplifier and external an- tenna. • — • 1,185 sq.-ft. lab space. • All types of survey and research. • — Outbound Marine 865 NE Tomahawk Island Dr., Ste 102-583 Portland, OR 97217 (503) 632-5553 ZEPHYR/1978/2001, 80 ft., 119 GT • Furuno radar FAR1513, Furuno radar FR 8062, Furuno sat compass SC50, Furuno AIS FA-150, Furuno differential GPS GP37, KVH Gyrotrac electronic mag compass, PC navigation Rose Point Coastal Explorer, Iriduim sat receiver. • Furuno 1870 Sounder. • Icom VHF x3 SEA 330 HF Marine, ICOM UHF, Iridium sat phone, Inmarsat sat phone. • Sea Crane 3,500-lb. capacity, space for deck winches, three-phase power available on deck, other equipment avail- able upon request. • Inside space for equipment, 200 SF dry lab. • As needed. • Available for lease or charter. Port Townsend Marine Science Center Fort Worden State Park 532 Battery Way Port Townsend, WA 98368 BRENDAN D II/1974, 36 ft., 11 GT • Radar, DGPS, video plotter, three echosounders, magnetic compass, surface temperature sensor, speed log, triple-beam balance, otter trawl, gill nets, underwater videographic map- ping system, HydroLab DataSonde IV, LiCor PAR light meter, BioSonics echosounder, bow thruster. • 6-kW genset. • VHF radio, cell phone. • Anchor winch, deck winch with 1,800-ft. cable, large net drum with level wind, small net drum, specimen sorting table, 50-gpm multipurpose pump, A-frame. • 16-by-9-ft. deck space, 550-gal. insulated live tank, dive platform. • All-purpose research vessel. • — Transquest Inc. P.O. Box 333 Sausalito, CA 94966-0333 Email: TRANSQUEST/1967, 108 ft., 199 GT • Gyro, magnetic compass, two radars, GPS, ADF, fathom- eter, underwater tracker, autopilot, weatherfax, SSB. • — • Two VHF radios. • 7.5-t. boom crane, 75-t. stern elevator platform. • 260-sq.-ft. van. • Oceanographic research, submersible/unmanned vehicle support, dive support, deployment/recovery of specialized payloads, large submersible support up to 50 ft. and 75 t. • — • Available for lease or charter. San Francisco State University Romberg Tiburon Center 3152 Paradise Blvd. Tiburon, CA 94920 Email: QUESTUARY/1992, 38 ft., 12 GT • Furuno 48-nm radar, fluxgate compass, two DGPS receiv- ers, autopilot, electronic chart, fathometer. • SBE-19 CTD, SBE-32 deck box and six-bottle rosette bot-

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