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Page 106 of 115 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 107 beam, acoustic Doppler current profiler • Two Sailor VHF-DSC receivers, two Sailor GMDSSs, HF SSB radios, Inmarsat B & C, Panasonic wavetalk, 1,000 sat. phone, Iridium sat. phone. • Oceanographic winch, hydrographic A-frame, two trawl winches, two net reels, two side A-frame CTD winches. • Seven laboratory spaces including: fish/wet (743 sq. ft.), chemistry (269 sq. ft.), dry (224 sq. ft.), hydrographic (161 sq. ft.), autosalinometer room (54 sq. ft.), computer/acoustic (495 sq. ft.), controlled environment room (86 sq. ft.). • Study and monitor Alaskan fisheries in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. • — OSCAR ELTON SETTE/1988/2002, 224 ft., 2,014 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS, two Furuno FAR 2825 radars with ARPA display, five GPS, Meridian standard gyrocompass, Simrad Taiyo TD-L-2700 radio direction finder, Nobeltec Nav Suite. • CTD system, TSG, scientific computer system. • Full GMDSS complement, VHF/FM/HF, DSC-60, Inmarsat B, WxFax, cell phone, Iridium phone, Class 1 and B EPIRB, SAR X-band transponder. • CTD winch, Gilson winch, net spool, Markey oceano- graphic winch, two Marco trawling winches, North Ameri- can Crane and Equipment boat deck crane, North American Crane and Equipment fantail crane, A-frame, two J-frames. • Wet and dry, hydrochemistry and computer labs. • Support scientific missions of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center of the National Marine Fisheries Service. • — RAINIER/1968, 231 ft., 1,591 GT • X-band radar with ARPA, DGPS, electronic chart naviga- tion system, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Sea-Bird SBE 19 CTDs, Sea-Bird SBE 19 Plus CTDs, AMVERSEAS meteorologic suite, Sea-Bird TSG water tem- perature sensors, Applanix POS/MV V4 attitude system, Kongsberg EM710 multibeam sonar, ODIM Brooke Ocean (Rolls-Royce Group) MVP 30 and MVP200 CTDs, Teledyne RESON SVP 70 and 71 surface sound velocimeters, four Tele- dyne RESON 7125 multibeam sonars, one Teledyne RESON 8125 multibeam sonar, VSAT, portable tide gauges, horizon- tal control base stations. • Full GMDSS complement, Inmarsat B and C, Navtex, Wx- Fax, Teletype, e-mail, Iridium and cell phone, VHF/FM/HF, SAR transponders (X-band), EPIRBs. • Two telescoping boom cranes, fixed-length crane, oceano- graphic winch, A-frame, four survey launches. • Dry oceanographic lab is 240 sq. ft., computer labs. • Coastal hydrographic surveys. • — Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center 2030 SE Marine Science Dr. Newport, OR 97365 ELAKHA/2000, 54 ft., 42 GT • Furuno 1761 radar, Furuno 582L echosounder, Furuno GPS36 GPS, Garmin 128 GPS, Ritchie mag. compass, Com- Nav 2001 autopilot, standard LH loud hailer, Nobeltec chart- ing system. • SonTek ADCP, Sea-Bird flow-through system. • ICOM MF/HF, two ICOM VHFs, two Unicom VHF hand- helds, Motorola cell phone, ACR EPIRB. • 4,000-lb. A-frame, Sound Ocean Systems hydrographic winch, Marco auxiliary winch, Morgan crane. • 120-sq.-ft. wet/dry lab. • Coastal and estuarine oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. OCEANUS/1975/1994, 177 ft., 295 GT • Furuno GP-90 WAAS/DGPS, Furuno 1850 GPS, two Sper- ry MK 37 gyrocompasses, Furuno DS-50 Doppler speed log, Furuno RDP-115A S-Band with ARPA, Furuno RDP-115A X-Band with ARPA, Taiyo TD-L1620 VHF direction finder, Furuno FE-880 50-kHz fathometer. • Knudsen 320B/R with digital data logging and EPC graphic recorder, Knudsen 3260 Chirp echosounder, EDO 323 B 12-kHz tranducer, array of 12- and 3.5-kHz transducers, Sea-Bird SBE911+ deck unit and CTD rosette equipped with 24 each, 10-liter Niskin bottles, Sippican MK21 XBT with software, handheld and deck launchers, Teledyne RD Instru- ments NarrowBand 150 ADCP, Teledyne RD Instruments Ocean Surveyor 75-kHz ADCP, Ashtech GPS position, ship heading and attitude sensors, meteorological sensor system, GPS-based precision clock. • VHF radios on bridge, Furuno Felcom-12 Inmarsat-C, NERA Inmarsat-B satcom with high-speed data capability, e-mail, Taiyo VHF automatic radio direction finder, Furuno Navtex receiver/printer, Furuno weatherfax receiver. • Two Dynacon trawl winches, Markey hydrographic winch- es for 30,000 ft. three-conductor EM cable or 0.25-in. hydro wire. Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 7539 Sandholdt Rd. Moss Landing, CA 95039 Email: JOHN H. MARTIN/1985, 56 ft., — • — • Sea-Bird thermosalinograph, Wet Labs fluorometer, under- way data acquisition system. • Cell phone, VHF Channel 16, EPIRB. • 1,000-lb. A-frame, 2,000-m, 1/4-in. single conductor cable on an electric winch. • — • Oceanographic education and research. • Available for lease or charter. POINT SUR/1981, 135 ft., 296 GT, 496 int. t. • Two Sperry Mk 37 gyros with autopilot, Furuno speed log and AIS, two Furuno radars, two Furuno depth sounders, Tele- dyne RDI ADCP, Sea-Bird CTD, Sippican XBT and Knudsen 12/3.5-kHz echosounder. • 75-kHz ADCP and 300-kHz broadband ADCP. • NERA Saturn B Inmarsat B, ICOM VHF with 25 W and 55 channels, Alden Marinefax IV Weatherfax, NERA Saturn BM Inmarsat, SEA 330 SSB. • Appleton 150-m knuckleboom crane, Northern Line trawl winch, 1210D hydrographic winch, Markey DUSH-5 CTD winch, Alaska Marine MCK-1500 crane, Markey DUSH-5 winch. • Wet lab, dry lab, electronics lab. • Oceanographic education and research. • Available for lease or charter. NOAA-Pacific NOAA Marine Operations Center–Pacific 2002 S.E. Marine Science Dr. Newport, OR 97365-5229 BELL M. SHIMADA/2010, 209 ft., 2,479 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS, DP-1 • Five Simrad EK-60 GPT multipurpose transceivers, Simrad ME-70 downward-facing multibeam sonar, Simrad FS-70 third wire netsounder, Simrad ITI trawl eye, Simrad ES-60 echosounder, Teledyne RDI Ocean Surveyor acoustic Dop- pler current profiler, Sea-Bird CTD and SeaCat setups. • — • F1 oceanographic winch with 3,700 m of 18-mm wire, two hydrographic winches with 3,500 m of 9.5-mm wire, two sets 4,000 m of 28.6-mm wire stern trawl winch, one net sounding winch with 4,000 m of 11.4-mm wire, a split drum net reel, a side sampling A-frame, and a stern gantry. • Wet lab, dry lab, chemical lab, acoustic lab, hydrographic constant temperature room and preservation alcove. • Fishery survey. • — FAIRWEATHER/1968, 231 ft., 1,591 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Multibeam survey system, DGPS receivers, side scan so- nar, bottom samplers, sound velocity profilers. • Four launches with hull-mounted Teledyne RESON 7125 multibeam echosounders, two ship hull-mounted sonars (Teledyne RESON SeaBat 7111 and SeaBat 8160), tide gaug- es, saltwater and velocity profiler. • A-frame, J-frame, oceanographic winch, aft crane • Dry lab that is about 702 sq. ft. and wet lab that is 240 sq. ft. • Hydrographic surveys in support of nautical charting. • — HI'IALAKAI/1984/2001, 224 ft., 1,914 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS, multibeam system, backscatter echosounders. • — • Full GMDSS suite. • A-frame, CTD winch, J-frame, oceanographic winch, aft crane. • Outfitted with a multiplace, multilock decompression chamber, 17-person dive locker, wet/dry computer labs. • Conduct coral reef ecosystem mapping, bioanalysis assess- ments, coral reef health and fish stock studies. • — OSCAR DYSON/2004, 209 ft., 1,840 GT • ECDIS, Furuno X-band with ARPA and AIS, Furuno S-band radar with ARPA, Furuno FE-700 echosounder, two Leica MX- 420 GPS, two digital gyrocompasses, magnetic compass, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Fish-egg sampler, conveyor sorting table, Continental Sci- entifc -20°C freezer, So-Low C85-9 ultralow -80°C freezer, fluorometer, Sea-Bird SBE 45 microTS6, uncontaminated sea- water line, CTD rosette, Simrad EK-60, Simrad ME-70 multi- four Marco WG023 mooring winches, ROV UH system, stern A-frame. • — • Oceanographic research, ROV operations. • — MojoCoho Inc. DBA Alcid Endeavors P.O. Box 1123 Cordova, AK 99574 Email: ANTONIE/1979, 36 ft., 16 GT • Wood Freeman auto pilot, JRC 16-mile radar and Raythe- on 36-mile radar, Lowrance chartplotter with side and down view sonar, Furuno digital sounder, PC navigation software, Garmin handheld chartplotter. • Client computer with GPS and navigation software; exist- ing contracts in place for leasing side scan sonar, multibeam magnetometer, CTD/sub-bottom profilers. • Satellite SMS text and email with Iridium inReach, stan- dard VHF radio, Icom VHF radio, handheld VHF radios, 2-m Icom ham radio, SEA 222 side band radio, Wilson cell phone booster. • Gilnet drum for research fishing or other towed bodies, stern power roller for net and boom handling, port side da- vit with hydraulic line hauler or manual block for CTD cast recovery or pot fishing, starboard-side multibeam swing-arm mount with SeaPath and Aplanix mounting brackets, over- sized hydraulic anchor winch and ground tackle, spare an- chor winch configurable for positioning purposes on aft deck, fleet of rigid hull inflatable tenders from 12 to 18 ft. with bow pulpits configured for marine mammal tagging work. • 2,000-W sine wave inverter plus back-up generator, large sette table/galley, hot/cold pressure water/private head with shower. • Commercial fishing research, shallow-draft hydroacoustic survey vessel, marine mammal support. • Available for lease or charter. Monterey Canyon Research Vessels Inc. 114 Mason St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 RETRIEVER/1985, 50 ft., 28 GT • Garmin 2006C WAAS-DGPS receiver with Dell PC, No- beltec software and three video displays, two back-up GPS, Simrad 48-mile radar and color echosounder, Furuno 48-mile radar FR-701. • — • Horizon GX12605 VHF with auto DSC transmit, SMR 7800 all-channel VHF, ICOM SSB, aircraft VHF. •20-ft. A-frame at the bow, 170-sq.-ft. afterdeck with 1,500- lb. capacity overhead boom. • — •Vibracore, drilling, benthic projects and commercial diving support. • Available for lease or charter. SHANA RAE/1980, 15.5 m, 46 GT • Garmin 2006C WAAS-DGPS receiver with Dell PC, No- beltec software and three video displays, two backup GPS, Simrad 48-mile radar and color echosounder, Furuno 48-mile radar FR-701. • Box corer, otter trawls, Xantrex 1800 with 15A (cont.) true sine wave inverter, 20-kW diesel 110/208 three-phase genset, 6-kW 120/240 hydraulic genset. • Horizon GX12605 VHF with auto DSC transmit, SMR 7800 all-channel VHF, ICOM SSB, aircraft VHF. • 5,000-lb. cap., 10-by-12-ft. stern U-frame, 1,200-lb. cap., starboard picking boom; three overhead deck booms with 3,000-lb. Pullmaster winches; Gearmatic 65 deck winch with 700-m, 3/16-in. torque-balanced stainless steel hydrowire and 100-m, 5/16-in. stainless steel wire; below-deck trawl winch 3,800-m, 0.322-in. three-conductor CTD wire. • Limited electronic space available in wheelhouse and dining area, small deck-recessed wet lab in planning phase, stateroom convertible to mini dry lab. • Monitoring, trawling, seismic, diving, benthic, capture, acoustic, coring, trapping, surveying exercises; ROV and AUV support; instrument array deployment and recovery. • Available for lease or charter.

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