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106 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 Humboldt State University Marine Facilities 1 Harper St. Arcata, CA 95521 Email: CORAL SEA/1974, 90 ft., 143 GT • Two radars, Furuno 1954C and 1731 Mk 3, two depth sounders, Furuno FCV 1100L and 501, four GPS, Furuno GP- 80 and Trimble G 10 X, Nobeltec plotter, ComNav auto pilot, 6-in. Dirigo compass. • Rosette, CTD, box core, bongo nets, trawl nets, ADCP, Smith McIntyre grab, ponar, Isaacs trawl. • Two VHF, ICOM M602 DCS and standard Polaris RDF, SSB, Furuno FS-1503, cell Internet connect, two cell phones, Stan- dard Horizon LK-10 loud hailer. • Main winch Markey DES 3, hydro winch fabcast, A-frame, anchor winch with three-point mooring, HIAB 035 sea crane, side davit, dive ladder. • 46-sq.-ft. wet lab, 177-sq.-ft. dry lab, computer, Nobeltec plotting software. • Education/oceanography. • Available for lease or charter. Maritime Logistics 1538 Oak St. Paso Robles, CA 93446 Email: MICHAEL UHL/1972, 100 ft., 59 GT • Furuno FR 7062 radar, Sperry/Ritchie compass, Furuno FCV-271 fathometer, Garmin GPS map 180, Garmin GPS map 128, Sperry autopilot, Nobeltec and Admiral with Maptech charts. • — • ICOM IC-M700PRO SSB, ICOM IC-M802 SSB, ICOM M302 with DSC, two Quest with ram mic., EPIRB ACR satel- lite 406, two Sea 20 SARTS. • Hydra Pro stiff arm HP 40/11T, 5-t. max. capacity A-frame, Bayard winch 8,000 #line pull 48 ft. per min. • — • Research, dive and construction. • — SURVEYOR/1972/2010, 92.8 ft., — • Two JRC JMA2344 radar systems, JRC JLR-10 GPS com- pass, Garmin GPS map 128, Sperry and Ritchie compasses, Simrad AP50 autopilot, JRC Plot 500F with transducer and GPS. • — • Two ICOM IC-M700PRO, JRC JHS-32A GMDSS radio telephone. • Crane on starboard aft rail, stern A-frame, Hydraulic Ra- mey knuckle crane 2000, 5-t. max capacity, assorted small desk winches and pullers available on request. • — • — • Available for lease or charter. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute 7700 Sandholdt Rd. Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644 Email: RACHEL CARSON/—, 135 ft., 430 GT • Furuno FR-1510D radar, Trimble 4000DL DGPS, Furuno GD 1920C-BB color video plotter, Furuno 1934C-BB radar, Taiyo TD-L 1630 ADDF, Sperry Navigat 2100 fiber-optic gyro, Furuno FC 50 satellite compass. • Furuno LS6100 echosounder, Ventana. • Furuno FS 1503 SSB radio telephone three VHF ICOM, Raytheon Ray410 loud hailer. • Markey anchor windlass, MacArtney MASH winch, AK25 sea crane, PM43 main ROV crane. • — • AUV support, general oceanography. • — WESTERN FLYER/1996, 117 ft., 499 GT • Furuno FR2110 and FR1941 radars, Trimble 4000DS GPS, Anschutz standard 20 gyrocompass, Maritime Dynamics au- topilot, Furuno RC5000 3T GMDSS. • Teledyne Odom Echotrac DF3200 Mk II depth sounder, Nautronix ASK 4001 dynamic positioning. • Tiburon ROV. • — • Two HIAB 290 sea cranes, Dynacon 12030 CTD winch, • 1-t. sea crane, hydrographic winch, stern winch for towing holds 400-ft. of 1 1/8-in. line, 1,200-lb. HIAB sea crane 23, 325-ft. bow anchor winch. • — • Teaching/estuarine oceanography. • Available for lease or charter. Global Seas LLC Admiral's House 2500 West Marina Place Seattle, WA 98119 Email: MT. AUGUSTINE/—, 32 ft., 9 GT • Furuno 1751 Mark II radar, Furuno RD-30 depth sounder, Furuno FCV-600L depth sounder, Standard Horizon CP500 GPS chart plotter, Furuno GP-31 GPS, Furuno AD 100 digi- tal gyro repeater, Ritchie 4-in. magnetic compass, ComNav Commander P2 autopilot system with NEMA input and out- put, JRC JHS-182 AIS. • Mount for Teledyne RESON 8101, 7101 or 7125; mount for EdgeTech 4200; mounting positions for Applanix POS MV 320. • ICOM IC-M127 VHF, ICOM M502 VHF, ICOM IC-M34 handheld VHF. • — • Three workstations, computer rack in forward cabin, deck area approx. 75 sq. ft. • Shallow-water surveys. • Available for lease or charter. MT. MITCHELL/1967/2002, 231 ft., 1,453 GT The vessel is U.S. flag and operated in strict compliance with ABS + A1 (E) AMS, USCG Sub "U," "I," COI. SOLAS com- pliant. Renewed five year ABS certification completed May 2013. • Furuno FAR 2835 S/12 10-cm, S-band 96-nm, IMO-com- pliant ARPA with 28-in. color CRT, Furuno PM-50 IMO-com- pliant performance monitor, Furuno FR 2115 (3-cm, X-band, 96-nm, IMO-compliant ARPA with 21-in. color monitor, Fu- runo FE 700 IMO-compliant, color depth sounder, 50-kHz, JRC JLN-203 Doppler speed log, Young Marine wind tracker, model 06206, Transas Navi-Sailor ECS-1 with AIS charting and plotting software, Furuno GP-37 differential GPS with WAAS technologies, Sperry SR 180 MKI gyrocompass, Fu- runo AD 100 digital gyro repeater, Liley & Gillie MK2000 10- in. ocean magnetic compass, Robertson AP 9 MK 3 autopilot system, Simrad A180 AIS. • Kongsberg EM 120 multibeam echosounder, Kongsberg EM 710 multibeam echosounder, Applanix POS MV 320, AML Oceanographic SV&T, Seachest valve 500-mm hull- mounted for installation of Kongsberg HiPAP. • Skanti Scanbridge 1250 A4 GMDSS system, Furuno Fel- com 82B Inmarsat B with high-speed data telephone, fax and e-mail, SeaTel 4006 Ku-band VSAT Internet connection, Skanti Scansat 7701 Iridium sat. phone, AT&T System 75 tele- phone PBX with 68 telephone lines. • 20,000-lb. stern A-frame, 5-t. 35-ft. knuckle crane on bow, 10-t. 43-ft. telescoping boom crane on aft deck, 21-in. cap- stan on aft deck, Vestdavit HN-9000 9-t. capacity, davit in- stalled as necessary for survey launch. • 545-sq.-ft. data processing area with 11 workstations, 190-sq.-ft. data processing area with two workstations, 227-sq.-ft. wet lab workroom. • Hydrographic surveys and cable route surveys; hydro- graphic biological and geophysical research; AUV and ROV test, launch and research; oceanography scientific research; deep-sea mining exploration; berthing/standby vessel; emer- gency response support vessel; search, rescue and recovery; subsea cable and pipeline mapping; ocean renewables, en- ergy and ecosystem study. • Available for lease or charter. SEALTH/2000, 58 ft., 45 GT • Furuno GP 37 GPS and GPS antenna tower, ICOM IC M59, ICOM IC M700, Sitex Pro-Fish/Standard Horizon multi, Ocean PC/Garmin GPS, Simrad Anritsu, Simrad AP-50 au- topilot, twin, diesel Caterpillar engines, two Hamilton 322 jet drives. • 35-in.-by-35-in. moonpool. • — • Wesmar side scan tow winch with 500-lb. pull, 4,800-lb. capacity A-frame. • 90-sq.-ft. with three computer workstations, 26-sq.-ft. computer room, 19-ft.-by-19-ft. open deck space. • Shallow-water surveys. • Available for lease or charter. system, radar system, DGPS, autopilot and steering control, rudder angle indicating system, echosounder, weatherfax, five voyage data recorders, two Magnavox GPSs, Magnavox 702 CA satnavs, Mesotech 971 sonar, Ray theon 1807 M re- corders, Efratom rubidium frequency standard, Teledyne seis- mic streamers, SSI, water guns, XBTs, Ketema speed log, pres- sure barrel coring devices, and downhole water, temperature, wireline and drillstring packers. • Natural gamma radiation core logger, core imaging log- ger, thermal conductivity meter, four gas chromatographs, inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer, ion chromatograph, CHNS analyzer, source rock analyzer. • Sperry Marine 250 MF/HF transmitters/receivers, VHF DSC, Inmarsat-C system, Navtex EPIRB and SART, Fleet 77 satcom, aviation handheld VHF, VSAT system with two ra- domes, ITT Mackay MF/HF, CW/SSB, SSB radiotelephone, VHF/FM radiotelephone, Comco VHF/AM air transceiver, ITT Mackay radiotelegraph, Fredericks Teletype system, Comsat Telesystems MCS-9000 satcom. • Downhole logging winch with heave compensator, dual- wire line core retrieval winches, Western Gear 400-t. motion compensator, two Bucyrus Erie type MK-60 pedestal cranes, Bucyrus Erie MK-35 pedestal crane, crossline streamer winch with deployment crane, towing winch. • Core description, sampling microscopy, paleontology, paleomagnetism, underway geophysics, stratigraphic correla- tion, downhole measurements, chemistry, microbiology, thin sections, X-ray labs. • Marine geology, geophysics, microbiology, Earth sciences. • Available for lease or charter. WEST COAST CGGE International P.O. Box 2978 Redmond, WA 98073 Email: GELENDZHIK/1982, 104.5 m, 5,620 GT • Leica MX4400 GPS, integrated navigation system, SNS transit system, radar, Doppler speed log, gyrocompass, dy- namic positioning. • Three-beam echosounder, Simrad EM12S multibeam so- nar. • MARISAT. • 160-knot deep-sea towing winch, two oceanographic winches, seismic streamer winch, two geophysical winches, hydraulic rotating cranes. • Chemical and spectral lab, three photo labs, two X-ray spectral analysis labs, samples storage. • Geophysical, hydrographic research ice-rated to 30 per- cent floating ice. • Available for lease or charter. YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA/1985, 104.5 m, 4,330 GT • Integrated navigation system, Furuno GPS, DGPS, subsea acoustic navigation, Furuno radar, gyrocompasses, naviga- tion echosounder. • Three-beam echosounder, towed camera system, CTD, MAK-1M dual-frequency side scan sonar to 6,000-m depth, net sounder, sub-bottom profiler, coring system. • HF, VHF, Furuno GMDSS, Inmarsat B. • Launch/recovery system, A-frame, J-frames, deep-sea tow- ing and seismic streamer, four geophysical winches, trawl winches, air gun winch, traction winch, four cranes. • Two X-ray analysis labs; chemical, geophysical, seismic, photographic, geological labs; other labs. • Geological, geophysical surveys. • Available for lease or charter. Clatsop Community College 6550 Liberty Ln. Astoria, OR 97103 FORERUNNER/1969, 50 ft., 35 GT • Furuno sat. compass, Furuno DGPS, Simrad radar, Tele- dyne RDI 1,200-kHz ADCP, Ocean Sensors OS200, Coastal Explorer program with GPS. • VHF SSB local network connection, loud hailer, VLH 3000, Furuno echosounder L5 4100. • Loud hailer, VLH 3000, Furuno echosounder LS 4100.

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