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104 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 Iridium sat. phone. • Markey Com-7X compact CTD winch, Hawboldt electric trawl winch HSF-2021E, 4,600-lb. stern A-frame. • 200 sq. ft. lab. • Coastal oceanographic work. • — GULF COAST Florida Institute of Oceanography 830 First St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Email: BELLOWS/1969, 22 m, 94 GT • Two Northstar 941X DGPS, Furuno 1411 72-nm color radar, Furuno 1941 48-nm, radar with video chart display and electronic plotter, Furuno FE 881 MK II depth recorder, Furuno FCV 292 color depth sounder with 50-m capability. • Three Sea-Bird SBE 25 CTDs, Sea-Bird SBE 32 carou- sel water sampler, Sea-Bird SBE 21 flow-through thermo- salinograph, General Oceanics 1015 rosette water sampler, Bathy Systems XBT launchers, Niskin bottles, plankton nets, various trawls, dredges and sediment samplers. • ICOM M700 SSB transceiver, Stevens SEA 222 SSB trans- ceiver, ICOM M125 VHF transceiver, ICOM M502 VHF trans- ceiver, Furuno DFAX weatherfax receiver, WaveCall 2100RM sat. phone with data and voice capability, Motorola 120E cell phone. • 4,000-lb. stern U-frame, 1,000-lb. starboard-side A-frame with hero platform, side towing booms, hydraulic CTD winch with 600 m of 0.322-in., three-conductor cable, hydraulic trawling winch with 1,400-m of 3/8-in. cable, hydraulic hy- drographic winch with 1,800 m of 3/16-in. cable, auxiliary davit winch on 01 deck for small boat deployment and spe- cial applications. Other winches available on request. • 26-sq.-m afterdeck area, 17.2-sq.-m air-conditioned multi- purpose wet/dry laboratory, berthing for 10 scientists. • — • Available for all-purpose oceanographic research and edu- cational programs. WEATHERBIRD II/1993/2009, 115 ft., 194 GT • JRC 48-mile radar with ARPA capability, Furuno AIS, No- bletec visual navigation suite software chart plotter, Garmin GPS, Northstar 941x, Robertson AP-10 autopilot, Data Ma- rine and Furuno Mod FCV-1100 depth sounders, Garmin backup, Sperry SR-130 gyrocompass. • Sea-Bird CTD with pH, dissolved oxygen sensors and Wetlabs Wetstar fluorometer, Sea-Bird 32/33 carousel with 12 20-liter Niskin bottles, Sea-Bird 21 thermosalinograph with Wetstar fluorimeter, Vaisala WTX520A meteorological package, 36-in. Air Science chemical fume hood, Millipore integral 10 water filtration, Foster science refrigerator, data acquisition system expandable instrumentation ports on RS485 loop, ship-wide computer network, hull-mounted in- strumentation bracket with 12 conductor data cable to elec- tronics lab, Teledyne RDI ADCPs, 300 and 1,200 kHz, other equipment available upon request. • ICOM ICM700 SSB radio, ICOM ICM504, two Standard Horizon VHF radio, Standard Horizon LH-10, Phillips inter- com system, Navtex receiver Alden AE900, Iridium ITU1000 data ready. • 10-t. stern A-frame, 3-t. starboard A-frame, Dynacon canti- lever winch with 4,000 m of 3/8-in. wire or 4,000 m of 0.322- in. EM wire, Marco hydraulic research winch, single drum, SeaMac hydro winch, Appleton Model FB30-46 articulating hydraulic crane. • 200-sq.-ft. wet lab. • All-purpose oceanographic research and educational pro- grams. • — Fugro Geoservices Inc. 200 Dulles Dr. Lafayette, LA 70506 301-948-8550 FUGRO AMERICAS/2014, 58.8 m, <500 US < 1600 ITC • SOLAS, Autopilot Simrad AP70, DP1 Navis IVCS4000/2000. • Radars Furuno FAR 2117 X Band, FAR 2137 S Band. • Charting FMD330 ECDIS, GMDSS Furuno A3. • Two 10-t A-frames, 50-hp coring winch, 1-to-20-hp SSS winch. • 6-m piston cores, .5-m box cores. • 1-to-20-hp magnetometer winch, 1,200-m streamer winch. • Fugro Starpack GNSS, Kongsberg 501+MRU5. • Applanix Pos MV320, Kongsberg EA600, Valeport, SBI-19. • Marine research. • Available for lease or charter. FISH HAWK/1990, 30 ft., — • Furuno marine radar, Furuno GPS. • Panasonic laptop computer to electronic fish measuring board, Panasonic Captain's computer with CAPN Voyager software, YSI 600 sonde and 650 display. • Horizon VHF radio, ICOM M80 VHF-FM, cell phone. • Trawl winch two 180-ft./minute line speed at 1,000-lb. pull. • On-deck culling table. • Juvenile fish and crab population surveys. • — PELICAN/2007, 74 ft., 100 GT • Furuno radar, Furuno depth sounder, Garmin GPS, elec- tronic charting. • EG&G side scan sonar, Data Services acoustic profiler. • ICOM VHF, cell phone, ICOM single side band. • 8-t. knuckleboom crane (457-ft. reach), four 12,000-lb. line-pull anchor winches with ground tackle, active bow ramp. • 200-sq.-ft. lab space (wet and dry), clean power, 45-kW three-phase, 208-V, wye generator, 12-kW, single-phase, 240-V generator. • Multipurpose oceanographic vessel. • Available for lease or charter. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Office of Ship Operations 98 Water St., Iselin Marine Facility, Mail Stop 27 Woods Hole, MA 02543 Email: ATLANTIS/1997, 274 ft., 3,200 GT • SeaBeam multibeam swath mapping sonar, chirp echo- sounder, XBTs, ADCPs, gravimeters, magnetometers, CTD rosette water sampler, Alvin submarine, DSL-120 towed side scan sonar, autonomous benthic explorer, Jason/Me- dea ROVs, Argo II imaging sled, Furuno weatherfax, Furuno Navtex, Robertson dynamic positioning system with ECDIS charting/plotting system, two Sperry MK 37 gyrocompasses, Sperry 10-cm 50-kW radar with ARPA, Sperry 3-cm 25-kW radar with ARPA, two P-Code GPS receivers, two DGPS sets. • AP/DP, two gyros, two radars, full e-mail capabilities, Sperry A3G MDSS MF/HF and SSB SITOR/DSC console with Inmarsat-C terminal, two NERA Inmarsat-B satcoms with HSD capability, DSC VHF radios on the bridge. • Traction winch with 30,000-ft. 0.68-in. EM cable, hydro winch with 33,000-ft. three-conductor EM cable, hydraulic stern A-frame to handle Alvin, two cranes, two HIAB cranes, midships hydro boom. • 3,710-sq.-ft. lab space, ROV and submersible hangars. • All types of oceanographic survey and research, instru- mentation test and evaluation, support ship for ROV Alvin. • — KNORR/1991, 279 ft., 267 GT • Furuno weatherfax, Furuno Navtex receiver, Terrascan weather satellite receiver, Robertson autopilot and dynamic positioning system, two Sperry MK 37 gyrocompasses, Ray- theon pathfinder ST radar, ARPA 10-cn and 50-kW, Raytheon pathfinder ST radar, two P-Code GPSs, Northstar WAA5PO GPS, two Northstar 941X DGPS sets, EDO MRQ-4015 Dop- pler speed log, Ashtech pitch/roll/yaw GPS, POS/MV inertial/ GPS navigator. • Teledyne RDI 75-kHz ADCP, SeaBeam multibeam swath mapping sonar, Knudsen Chirp echosounder, Raytheon LSR/ PTR as backup, IMET instrument package logs all meteoro- logical data for cruises. • E-mail, Furuno A4GMDSS console with dual MF/HF voice/ SITOR/DSC, Trimble Sentinel Inmarsat C, DSC 2 NERA In- marsat B-satcoms with HSD capability, DSC VHF radios on the bridge, Mackay MRU-35 1000-W ssb HF/ SITOR station. • Two Markey DESH-5 hydrographic winches with 10-km EM cable, trawl winch, Northern Line 3155 with 9-km 3-by- 19 wire rope, portable traction winch, Dynacon with 9-km co-axial or fiber-optic cable. • Six general purpose labs that total 2,755 sq. ft., storage holds 550 sq. ft., two hangar deck areas are 440 sq. ft. total. • Survey, research and instrumentation testing. • — TIOGA/2004, 60 ft., 53 GT • Furuno 1942, Furuno FCV-582 color video sounder, Northstar 951XD DGPS, Robertson AP-45 autopilot. • Sea-Bird SBE9 plus Teledyne Benthos PSA-916, Sea-Bird SBE32 12-position pylon on rosette, Sea-Bird Micro TSG thermosalinograph, Teledyne RDI 300-kHz Workhorse ADCP. • VHF marine radio, ICOM IC-127, ICOM IC-M700 PRO, University of North Carolina at Wilmington Center for Marine Science Research 5600 Marvin K. Moss Ln. Wilmington, NC 28409 CAPE FEAR/1998, 70 ft., 77 GT • Two Furuno radars, two Northstar DGPSs, Furuno Color- scope, Nitrox diving system. • CTD 25 rosette, hull-mounted ADCP, CTD profiler, ocean- ographic winch with slip rings, side scan sonar, seismic sub- bottom profiler. • Two VHF and two ICOM SSB radios. • Capstan, anchor winches, 8,000-lb. A-frame. • Dry lab that sleeps 10. • Diving, research, education. • Available for lease or charter. SEAHAWK/1999, 41 ft., 31 GT • Northstar 941XD DGPS, Furuno radar, Furuno color depth recorder, Ritchie compass, Simrad autopilot. • Salinometer, Sea-Bird CTD, InterOcean S4 current meter, variety of equipment for wet diving available upon request. • VHF, Motorola cell phone. • Davit with winch, diving platform. • — • Estuarine and offshore sampling, diving, marine education. • Available for lease or charter. University of Rhode Island Marine Office Graduate School of Oceanography Narragansett Bay Campus Narragansett Bay, RI 02882-1197 Email: ENDEAVOR/1993, 184 ft., 292 GT • Navtrek electronic charting, Trimble Tasman P-code GPS, Trimble 300D DGPS, Ashtead ADU-3 three-axis GPS, two Sperry MK 37 gyrocompasses, EDO 4015 two-axis Doppler speed log, White-Gill water jet bow thruster, Robertson auto- pilot, VHF radio direction finder, Northstar 962 XDW GPS, Furuno X- and S-band radars. • Knudsen dual-frequency echosounder, ICOM 150-W HF- SSB, Weathertrac II satellite weather receiver, Drake MSR-2 multiband receiver. • KVH Inmarsat Mini-M, KVH TracPhone, cell phone, e- mail, ABB Nera Inmarsat B, Furuno GMDSS A3 radio station, Iridium satellite system. • Smatco Traction trawl winch, Markey DUSH-5 CTD winch, Pine-Hill dual drum traction CTD/hydro winch, Met- rox winch speed/payout/tension monitoring/recording sys- tem, NE trawler windlass, two Sea-Bird 911plus CTD systems with fluorometer, D.O., transmissometer, 12- and 24-place Sea-Bird carousel water sampler with a variety of Niskin and Go-Flo bottles, two Guildline Autosat 8400A salinometers, Scanfish II undulating towed CTD system, EdgeTech Chirp sonar, two EPC 9800 graphic recorders, RM Young meteo- rological monitoring/logging system, Eppley PSP-PIR solar sensors. CCTV system, Sea-Bird SBE21 thermosalinograph, Turner Designs 10AU flow-through fluorometer, True-Time GPS clock networked PC computer data logging system, 10Base-T, interconnected networked printers, CD-ROM re- cording capability for data dissemination, Xerox copier, dedi- cated radioisotope laboratory van with air-conditioning, fume hood, beta counter. • Wet lab is 260 sq. ft., main lab is 735 sq. ft., dry labs are 426 sq. ft. • General oceanographic research and survey. • Available for lease or charter. Virginia Institute of Marine Science P.O. Box 1346 Rt. 1208 Greate Rd. Gloucester Point, VA 23062 Email: BAY EAGLE/1981, 65 ft., 64 GT • Furuno 1942 Mark II, GPS 951X, 952X, VHF dual-frequen- cy 200/50 kHz, Furuno FCV 663 fish finder. • Two onboard computers CAPN version 8. • ICOM D1C-M80, ICOM D1C-M127, single side band ICM-M710. • Six hydraulic winches. • 60 sq. ft. (each) wet and dry labs, 20-sq.-ft. navigation sta- tion, modular deck platforms bolt onto fantail.

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