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Page 102 of 115 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 103 • 260-sq.-ft. wet lab, 340-sq.-ft. dry lab, 1,500-sq.-ft. aft deck, two 20-ft. ISO container/van slots, general-purpose lab van, isotope lab van with LSC, other van types available upon request. • Coastal general-purpose research vessel. • Available for lease or charter. University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Research Fleet Operations P.O. Box 38 Solomons, MD 20688-0038 Email: RACHEL CARSON: 2008, 81 ft., 78 GT • 20 knots, Full DP1, Furuno 1964C radar, Furuno 1832 radar, Furuno FCV 585 color video sounder, three Furuno RD-30 multidisplay, Northstar 952 DGPS, Trimble OSM 232 DGPS, Kongsberg C-POS DPS, Furuno SC-50 sat. compass, Furuno AIS-150, Sperry Navigat X gyro. • Two Furuno FM-3000 VHF-FM, Furuno FS-1503 SSB, Fu- runo LH 3000 loud hailer. • Stern A-frame, 4,200-lb. capacity, starboard A-frame, 1,350-lb. capacity, Markey COM-7 oceanographic winch, Markey DEPC-5 trawl winch. • Wet lab is 112 sq. ft., dry lab is 50 sq. ft. • General purpose estuarine, near-coast research. • Available for lease or charter. University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL 33149 F. G. WALTON SMITH/2000, 96 ft., 97 GT • Raytheon 300 DGPS, Teledyne TSS POS-MV 320, Simrad DP system, Furuno radar 2105 and FR 7112/4, Brown Merid- ian gyro. • Sea-Bird CTD, Teledyne RDI ADCP 150 and 600 kHz, Sea- Bird TSG, Focal OPC, Weatherpak 200, Autosal laboratory salinometer, PVC and PVDF saltwater system, Knudsen 200 and 28-kHz echosounder. • Two ICOM VHFs, ICOM SSB, cell phone, Iridium sat. phone, Thrane and Thrane C telex transceiver. • Two Hawboldt Industries winches, CTD, hydro A-frame 12,000-lb. SWL, two Alaska marine cranes, deck. • Dry lab is 480 sq. ft., wet lab is 200 sq. ft., electronics shop is 240 sq. ft., moonpool. • Oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. University of New Hampshire UNH Marine Program 29 Wentworth Rd. New Castle, NH 03854 Email: GULF CHALLENGER/1993, 50 ft., 25 GT • Furuno GP-37 differential/WASS, Class-B AIS (ACR Elec- tronics) charting program, Maptech professional, Ritchie magnetic compass, DGPS, Ray-plot (C/Map USA) system, Raytheon 41XX and R70 radar, autopilot, Furuno recording sounder, Raytheon color tri-frequency sounder. • Sea-Bird ECO water sampler; SBE 55 (paired with Haw- boldt SPR-1424/S winch for real-time data acquisition); SBE25 plus Sealogger CTD integrated six 4-liter eco water sample bottles; biospherical QCR-2200 surface PAR sensor; Niskin bottles, gravity corers, Shipek grab, trynet, in-hull ADCP well, inquire for ADCP availability, WX station, PC with Maptec. • Broadband wireless Internet up to 10 miles offshore, Ray- theon VHF-FM radio, hailer-intercom, SSB, ICOM VHF-FM, cell phone, portable VHF-FM. • Hawboldt HSF20 series trawl/coring winch with approxi- mately 2,000 ft.; 6,000 lb. test 1/4-in. plasma braid; 1,500- lb. straight-line pull at full drum; Hawboldt SPR-1424/S CTD winch with 400 m of 0.322-in. armored coax; 1,275-lb. straight-line pull at full drum; SeaMac 305H side scan sonar winch; 190 m of 0.55-in. stainless armored coax, 5 ohm, two conductors, 1,200-lb. straight-line pull. • Lab below deck with deep sink, running seawater, GPS output, benches with power strips, 12-V and 110/220-VAC power available. • Estuarine and coastal research northeast U.S. coast up to 75 miles offshore. • Available for charter. hydrographic winch; 1,200-ft. capacity, 0.5-in. cable; sonar moonpool; Atlas Copco LT 40 compressor 18 cfm at 210 psi; auxiliary hydraulics 25 gpm at 2,500 psi; bow bit and dual tran- som pick points for crane deployment; custom trailer; Yanmar 6LYA-STP, 370 hp at 3,300, keel cooled; Twin Disc MG 5075- SC; North American TJ2-381 15-in. tractor jet; Phasor LP2-6.0, 6-kW; Freedom Marine 3-kW inverter coupled with Balmar high-output alternator. • Compressor, volume tank, filtration, hydraulics, generator and dual redundant HP cylinders mounted below an open flush deck with large swim platform for diver access, two-diver air distribution, monitoring, communications, hot water, light, video and diver tracking incorporated into one panel inside the pilothouse. • Hydrographic survey and commercial diving. • Available for lease or charter. U.S. Naval Academy Oceanography Department-9d 572C Holloway Rd. Annapolis, MD 21402 YARD PATROL CRAFT YP686/1986, 33 m, 190 GT • NAVISTAR sat. compass, CAPN ECS chart system, Sperry BridgeMaster radar system. • Sea-Bird SBE 25 CTD, SBE 32C with SBE 25 CTD and SBE 33 deck unit, SBE 21 thermosalinograph, Teledyne RDI Work- horse Mariner 600 kHz VM-ADCP, Turner Designs 10AU fluorometer, Biospherical PNF-2300, Imagenex side scan sonar, EdgeTech SB424 sub-bottom profiler with EdgeTech 3100 portable processor, Furuno FVC-261 fish finder, New Mountain NM-100 acoustic weather station. • VHF bridge-to-bridge, UHF AN/URC 159, HF ICOM 170. • Mooring Systems Inc. gravity corer, orange peel bottom grabber, otter trawl, Sea-Gear Corp. plankton nets, Inter- Ocean winches and A-frame, two davits. • Computer LAN, four computers for data acquisition and displays, combined wet/dry lab for specimen analysis. • Educate midshipmen in the field of oceanography. University of Connecticut Marine Sciences & Technology Center 1080 Shennecosset Rd. Groton, CT 06340-6048 Email: CONNECTICUT/1998, 76 ft., 96 GT • Kongsberg dynamic positioning, TSS-Brown gyro, Furuno radar, Furuno sounder, Schottel pump jet thrusters. • Sea-Bird CTD, Sea-Bird flow through, Teledyne RDI ADCP. • ICOM VHF, SGC HF/SSB Iridium voice, Sky Mira data, Furuno Navtex. • Alaska marine crane, Hawboldt heavy-duty deck winch, Hawboldt trawl winch, Hawboldt CTD winch, A-frame, J- frame, 19-in. transducer well with deck access. • 100-sq.-ft. wet lab, 120-sq.-ft. dry lab, deck can accomo- date a 20-ft. van. • General oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. University of Delaware Graduate College of Marine Studies 700 Pilottown Rd. Lewes, DE 19958 HUGH R. SHARP/2005, 146 ft., 284 GT • Furuno FAR 2117 radar with ARPA, Simrad SPD "Green" DP (DPS-0), Simrad SPH 20 heading sensor, Furuno GP-90 DGPS, Furuno FA-100 AIS, Starlink DNAV-212 DGPS, Leica MX-412 DGPS, Maptech navigational software. • Surface mapping and met. data, Sea-Bird CTD with 12-bottle rosette, Knudsen 320 B/R deepwater echosounder, GMI Scanfish towed undulating CTD, profiling light meter, Teledyne RESON 8101 shallow-water multibeam system, Teledyne RDI 600-kHz ADCP, box corer, gravity corer, Smith- Mac grab, retractable transducer keel for science transduc- ers and instrumentation, acoustically quiet to ICES-209 at 8 knots, Sound-Guard self-noise-monitoring system. • TracPhone Fleet-55 satellite Internet, voice and fax; cell Internet, voice and fax; Furuno RC 1800 GMDSS set; Simrad RS 86 VHF; TracVision satellite TV. • Dynacon 20,000-lb. stern A-frame, Dynacon trawl winch with 3,000-m 0.5-in. wire rope, Caley Ocean Systems CTD handling system with active motion compensation and dock- ing head, 6,000 m 0.322-in. conductor cable, Dynacon por- table deck winch with 750-m 0.5-in. conductor cable, por- table hydro winch, Palfinger PK 48000 deck crane 15,400-lb. at 18 ft., 1,000-lb. forward squirt boom, 17-ft. semirigid SafeBoats work boat, twin anchor windlass for three- and four-pt. mooring. State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000 Email: 631-278-2126 DONALD W. PRITCHARD/1989, 28 ft., 5 GT • Furuno radar, Garmin GPS, Furuno depth sounder. • — • — • Two Rotzler THI winches mounted port and starboard with 300-ft. 1/4-in. wire rope, removable trawl gantry, lifting boom with Pullmaster PLI winch with 170-ft. 3/16-in. wire rope. • Main cabin, 5-ft. lab bench port side, forward cabin, dou- ble V-berth and head. • Coastal oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. PAUMANOK/1986, 44 ft., 26 GT • Furuno FR1731 radar, Northstar DGPS, Raytheon R10X ra- dar, Furuno LS 6100 depth sounder, Raytheon D600 sounder, Furuno FCV video, Sitex HE30E1 chart recorder. • Meter wheel, trawl net, bottom grabs, plankton nets, Niskin bottles, rock dredge, live tank with continuous water flow, un- derway data logger, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll. • Two VHFs/SSB, cell phone. • Boom and winch, 300-m wire with 400-lb. lift, General Oceanics metering wheel with deck readout. • Dry lab is 80 sq. ft., exterior deck space is 154 sq. ft. • Oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. PECONIC/2004, 45 ft., 27 GT • Furuno GP1650 with GPS, Raytheon R10 radar, Furuno LS 6100 depth sounder. • — • VHF radio, loud hailer. • Stern A-frame, 46-in.-by-46-in. moonpool, various sam- pling devices, live tank with continuous flow. • — • — • Oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. SEAWOLF/1984/2001, 80 ft., 122 GT • Two Furuno radars, Furuno dual-frequency depth sounder, Northstar DGPS, Furuno GPS, Simrad paper recording depth sounder, Teledyne RDI ADCP, Simrad multibeam swath sonar, Sea-Bird CTD. • Two ICOM VHFs, SEA 222 side band radio, CDPD modem for cell Internet, cell phone. • 1.5-t. hydrographic winch with 1,500-m of seven-con- ductor 0.326 wire, two Pullmaster H-25 trawl winches with 1,000-m 1/2 cable each, H-10 anchoring winch, 26-ft. cargo boom, 5-t. stern A-frame, 1-t. side A-frame oceanographic winch. • 120-sq.-ft. wet lab, 128-sq.-ft. dry lab, fully air-condi- tioned, 2-ft.-diameter moonpool, 208-V 3PH power 30- and 85-kW generators. • Coastal oceanographic research. • Available for lease or charter. SHINNECOCK/1984, 34 ft., — • Furuno GPS depth sounder, D.O. meter. • Trawl, plankton nets, bottom grab. • Sitex VHF radio. • Winch and davit, 150-ft. stainless steel cable. • Wet lab. • Research and training in bays and estuaries. • — Substructure Inc. P.O. Box 4094 Portsmouth, NH 03802 Email: ORION/2002, 31.5 ft., 6 GT • Trimble AG 132 DGPS, Furuno 1833C/NT with WAAS DGPS, KVH AutoComp 1000 fluxgate compass, Furuno FCV- 667 sounder, Trimble R7 GPS for establishing RTK DGPS base station. •R2Sonic 2024 and Teledyne RESON 8125 multibeam echosounders, Applanix POSMV 320 V4 vessel position and orientation unit, Teledyne Odom Digibar speed and sound profiler, Sea-Bird SBE 37SI CTD, Knudsen 3212 Chirp sub- bottom profiler (3.5 to 210 kHz), ORE Trackpoint3 USBL, Schonstedt Geo Mag underwater magnetic gradiometer, and HYPACK/HYSWEEP, QPS QINSY, and CARIS HIPS/SIPS data acquisition and processing software packages. • Two Standard Horizon Spectrum GX2355S 25-watt VHF/ FM marine transceivers, ACR GlobalFix 406 EPIRB with GPS, cell phone and radio modems for interface between boat and RTK DGPS base station. • 300-lb. gunwale mounted davit; 1,000-lb. stern A-frame;

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