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102 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 sounder, Nobeltec charting and navigation system. • — • Stephens SEA SSB, cell phone, Iridium sat. phone and e- mail, two handheld VHFs, two VHF radios, Alden Navtex. • Hydraulic winch 1,800 m of 3/16-in. cable, 17-cfm. 3,000-psi scuba compressor, eight saltwater live specimen holding tanks, 2,700 gal. total. • 18-by-20-ft. aft deck space, 22-by-4-ft. dive/swim platform, 17-ft. 50-hp. rib twin, two 13-ft. Boston Whalers with motors. • Accommodations for 11 scientists/students from 10 days to two weeks. • Multipurpose: research, marine education, specimen col- lection. • Available for charter in South Florida, Bahamas, Northwest Caribbean. Shoals Marine Laboratory G-14 Stimson Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853-7101 Email: JOHN M. KINGSBURY/1984, 47 ft., 34 GT • Compass, Furuno FR-7026 radar, Raytheon R20XX radar, Raytheon V8010 color sounder, Robertson AP45 autopilot. • Seacat SBE 19-03 CTD, salinometer, Niskin bottle. • SGC SG2000 SSB, (HF) Raytheon Ray53A VHF, ICOM M125 VHF, 406-mHz EPIRB. • DEME winch with 2,000-lb. line pull, 10,000-ft. 1/4-in. wire, HIAB 45-kn crane, 1,200-lb. SWL A-frame, gravity core metering wheel, hydraulic anchor winch, rock dredge, otter trawl, plankton nets, bottom grab. • 40-sq.-ft. wet lab. • Research/training, bay and ocean lab research for Shoals Marine Laboratory. • Available for lease or charter. Skidaway Institute of Oceanography University of Georgia 10 Ocean Science Cir. Savannah, GA 31411 Email: SAVANNAH/2001, 91.6 ft., 265 GT • Furuno and Trimble DGPS units, FR-1942 MK II and FR 1525 MK III radars, Yokogawa PT50 autopilot and CMZ-700B gyrocompass, Furuno FCV 582 and 292 and Sitex CVS-106 MK II color fathometers. • Sea-Bird SBE 32 compact 12-bottle rosette, Sea-Bird sur- face mapping system with computer and remote instrument interface capabilities. • Furuno FS-5000 SSB, FM8500 VHF-FM, ICOM IC-M45 VHF-FM, Mitsubishi ST-131 marine satellite terminal, Mo- torola cell phone. • Markey DUP-8, 90-hp trawl winch, 0.5-in.-by-500-m wire, two Markey CTD winches with 1,000 m of 0.322-in. EM wire, over-the-stern A-frame with 5,000 lb. at-sea SWL, J- frame located starboard/amidships with 2,000 lb. at-sea SWL, Amco Veba Sealand marine crane with 1,500 lb. at-sea SWL, 13-ft. 6-in. Avon RHIB with 40-hp outboard motor. • Wet lab is 158 sq. ft., dry lab is 308 sq. ft., fume hood, sanitary and uncontaminated seawater in labs. • Estuarine and continental shelf research. • — Southern Maine Community College 6 Fort Rd. South Portland, ME 04106 Email: CAROLE ANN/1952, 38 ft., 8 GT • Garmin GPS, Sitex sonar. • Towed side scan sonar (shallow water), YSI sonde, Sea Viewer video camera. • VHF radio. • Hydraulic line hauler, davit. • Plankton nets, small trawl nets, ponar grab. • Collect baseline biological and habitat information in Casco Bay, Maine. • — Old Dominion University 4600 Elkhorn Ave. Norfolk, VA 23529 Email: FAY SLOVER/2002, 55 ft., 51 GT • Furuno PG-1000 fluxgate compass, Simrad/Robertson AP20 with remote, Furuno 6-kW radar integrated into Fur uno Navnet, Furuno BB DGPS integrated into Navnet, Furuno CC FFI sounder, 12-kW Nobeltec radar, CAPN electronic chart/ DGPS system. • SBE25 CTD with fluorometer, transmissometer, DD, SBE mini-rosette with 12 5-l bottles and SBE 33 deck unit, flow- through seawater system for surface characteristics, 600- kHz Teledyne RDI ADCP mounted on hull, Knudsen 320B 200-kHz precision depth recorder, RM Young anemometer and temperature/RH and biospherical PAR sensor logging to Campbell Scientific CR-10x data logger, Teledyne Benthos 866A continental shelf acoustic release with DC-8000 deck box, EdgeTech side scan sonar model 272-T with model 260 shipboard unit. • Two standard Spectrum Marine VHFs, ICOM IC-M700 SSB. • 8,000-lb. A-frame, 1,000-lb. line-pull Markey winch with eight-channel slip ring assembly (200 m of 1/4-in. conductor cable), InterOcean hydro winch (250 m of 5/16-in. wire with 1,500-lb. line-pull), grab sampler, box corer (1 sq. m), 1/2- and 1-m plankton nets, 12- and 16-ft. otter trawl nets. • 188 sq. ft. of wet/dry lab and electronics station with UPS- backed power, two Dell Optiplex Pentium IIIs. • Coastal, bay and riverine studies. • Available for lease or charter. Sea Education Association P.O. Box 6 Woods Hole, MA 02543 Email: CORWITH CRAMER/1988, 135 ft., 158 GT • Trimble GPS, two Furuno radars, two magnetic compasses, Furuno recording depth sounder. • Teledyne Benthos Chirp II sub-bottom profiling system, Teledyne RDI OS75 ADCP, General Oceanics Niskin bottles, YSI salinometer, Ocean Optics fiber-optic reflectometer, Turn- er Design 10-AU flourometer, Seapoint in-situ fluorometer, Vemco mini-log electronic BT, plankton and neuston nets, otter trawl, Tucker Trawl open-close net system, rock dredge, Shipek sediment sampler, gravity corer, Sea-Bird compact carousel with CTD, Octans gyro/motion sensor, Zeiss Axio- star compound microscope with epifluor capabilities, Zeiss Stemi 2000 and DV4 dissecting microscopes, video micro- scopes, Sea-Bird 45 T-SAL, Ocean Optics spectrophotometer, Sea-Bird SBE 43 oxygen sensor, VideoRay Pro II ROV, Bio- spherical PAR sensor, clean SW system and SCS data logging, Towable RBR-XR420 CTD, WET Labs CDOM fluorometer. • Two ICOM SSBs, two ICOM VHFs, Furuno weatherfax re- ceiver, Trimble Inmarsat C, Iridium sat. phone. • Markey hydrographic winch, bathythermograph winch. • 3-by-4-m dry lab for all scientific work. • Teach oceanography to college undergraduates. • — ROBERT C. SEAMANS/2001, 135 ft., 211 GT • Furuno GPS, two Furuno radars, Furuno LCD sounder, Lit- ton/Sperry gyrocompass, Walker speed log. • Teledyne Benthos Chirp II sub-bottom profiling system, Sea-Bird Carousel with CTD, Ocean Test Equipment Niskin bottles, Teledyne RDI OS75 ADCP, clean SW system and SCS data logging, Ocean Optics spectrophotometer, Zeiss Axio- star compound scope with epifluor capabilities, Zeiss DV4 and Stemi 2000 dissecting microscopes, Turner Designs 10- AU flourometer, Seapoint in-situ fluorometer, Towable YSI V- fin with RBR-XR420 CTD. • Two Furuno VHF radiotelephones, two Furuno SSB ra- diotelephones, Furuno weatherfax and Navtex, Thrane and Thrane Inmarsat C, Iridium sat. phone. • Markey hydrographic winch, Markey auxiliary winch, Shipek sediment grab, gravity corer, plankton nets, neus-ton nets, rock dredge, tucker trawl open-close net system. • Wet/dry lab for all scientific work, computer network. • Teach oceanography to college undergraduates. • — John G. Shedd Aquarium 1200 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60605 Email: CORAL REEF II/1984, 80 ft., 98 GT • Furuno 1931 radar, Furuno autopilot, Lawrence 3400 digital depth finder, Furuno DGPS, Furuno FCU667 video • — • 8,051-lb. oceanographic winch, two 2,006-lb. A-frame hydrographic winches, two 29,800-lb. stern trawl winches, two 14,000-lb. net reels, pot-hauler, outhauler winch, boom crane, telescoping knuckle crane. • Wet, dry, chemical, acoustic, hydrographic and preserva- tion alcove labs. • Fishery survey. • — RONALD H. BROWN/1997, 274 ft., 2,100 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Kongsberg EM 122 multibeam swath sonar, SyQwest Bathy 2010 Sonar, Knudsen Chirp 3260 sub-bottom profiler, Tele- dyne RDI VM-150-18HP Doppler current profiler, SyQwest DSN 450 Doppler speed log. • HF SSB, VHF/FM Inmarsat A and C, e-mail, cell phone. • Two telescoping cranes, two foldable boom cranes, two Markey DESH-5 hydro winches, Markey DUTW-9-11 dual- traction winch. • Electronics lab (610 sq. ft.) with CDT control, ADCP, Kongsberg EM122, ODEC Bathy 2000, Knudsen CHIRP 3260; bio lab with separate vent system, fume hood, seawa- ter access; dry lab with sinks and seawater access; hydro lab with PCO2 system, temp controlled autosal station, sink; wet lab with XBT station, fume hood, sink, seawater access; stag- ing bay with 18-ft. clearance and roll down doors; scientific freezer and refrigerator with 63 sq. ft. each; store room with 358 sq. ft. and shelving. • Oceanographic research. • — THOMAS JEFFERSON/1992, 208 ft., 1,466 GT • DPGS receivers, X- and S-band radars with ARPA display, electronic chart navigation system with radar interface, gy- rocompass, Doppler speed log, Abyss IES-10 echosounder, tides and currents prediction software, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Three Teledyne RESON 7125 multibeam sonars, three Klein 5000 side scan sonar, three Klein 5000 V2 side scan sonar, Teledyne Odom Echotrac DF3200 MK II, Trimble SPS351, Applanix POS M/V position and orientation system, Sea-Bird SBE 19 Seacat CTD profiler, three Sea-Bird SBE 19- Plus, Brooke Ocean Moving Vessel Profiler 100. Two survey boats equipped with Teledyne RESON 7125-SV2, Klein 5500, Applanix POS-MV, Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV-200. • VHF-FM marine band transceivers with digital selective calling, MF-HF marine band transceivers with digital selec- tive calling, Inmarsat B and C radio transceivers, radio Tele- type capability, Navtex receiver, cell phone, Iridium phone, e-mail, portable VHF-FM transceivers, emergency position indicator radio beacons, search-and-rescue transponders. • Approximately 700-sq.-ft. lab equipped to collect and pro- cess electronic data. • Hydrographic survey. New York City Department of Environmental Protection Marine Sciences Section Wards Island, NY 10035 OSPREY/1991, 55 ft., — • Furuno FCR 904 color radar, Lowrance X 16 sonar, Ritchie compass. • Sea-Bird CTD, YSI SCT and D.O. meters, Orion pH me- ters, Kemmerers dredge, Secchi disk, Niskin bottles, GoFlos, Smith-Mac grabs, fluorometer and transmissometer. • Raytheon 420 loud hailer, 90 VHF/radiotelephone. • Two hydraulic cranes with 1,000-lb. capacity. • Wet lab is 14 by 12 ft. with vacuum system, acid sink and hood, epoxy resin countertops, 2-BOD and microbiological incubators, two sample refrigerators, vortex, titrators, UV sterilizers. • Long-term water and sediment quality monitoring. • — Northstar Marine Inc. 36 Clermont Dr. Clermont, NJ 08210 Email: NORTHSTAR 4/—, 50 ft., 27 GT • Simrad 48-mi. radar, Trimble DGPS, Simrad autopilot. • — • Shipmate, Sea VHF radios, sat. phone. • 2,000-lb. hoisting winch, 2,000-lb. hoisting boom with 22- ft. maximum lift, towing post, capstan. • — • General research, engineering, surveys. • Available for lease or charter.

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