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Page 100 of 115 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2018 101 hydrographic winch; two 29,800-lb. stern trawl winch; two 14,000-lb. net reel. • Fish/wet lab is 602 sq. ft. with conveyor sorting table; chemistry lab is 290 sq. ft.; dry lab is 150 sq. ft.; hydrographic lab is 96 sq. ft.; scientific freezer is 204 sq. ft.; computer/ acoustic lab is 495 sq. ft.; preservation alcove is 54 sq. ft. • Fishery survey vessel, critical groundfish and multimission ecosystem studies. • — NANCY FOSTER/1991/2003, 186 ft., 894 GT • Port and starboard X- and S-band radars with ARPA display, GPS receiver, DGPS receiver, two Transas monitors equipped with NaviSailor 4,000 program, two gyrocompasses. • Computer system for data acquisition and analysis, CTD profiler with 12 Niskin bottles, meteorological sensors, ship- board environmental data acquisition system. • GMDSS VHF and HF transceivers, 2,187.5-kHz watch re- ceiver, VHF-FM marine band transceivers and handheld ra- dios, emergency position indicator radio beacons (Category I and PEPIRB Class II), search-and-rescue transponders, Inmar- sat C satellite terminal, Navtex receiver, weatherfax receiver, cell phone. • Goodcrane main deck crane, portside J-frame, 0-1 deck NACE Crane, main deck A-frame, Markey oceanographic winch, DT Marine winch, Fritz Culver Anchor Windlass, two Kohema anchors, two anchor chains. • 447-sq.-ft. wet lab with fume hood, sample freezers, small hazmat locker; and 280-sq.-ft. dry oceanographic lab with computers and hydroacoustic survey computers. • Coastal oceanographic research. • — OKEANOS EXPLORER/1988/2008, 224 ft., 2,312 GT • Furuno X/S-band radars, Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS, Furuno FA-150 AIS, Kongsberg K-POS DP-11 system, IMO class 1, Sperry DRG-500 Doppler speed log, two Meridian Standard gyrocompasses, three Furuno GP-150 GPS, Furuno FE-700 echosounder. • VSAT SeaTel 14300 3.7-m C-Band tracking antenna, 45 Mbps ship-to-shore, and 4 Mbps shore-to-ship capable, highest typical use is 20 Mbps ship-to-shore and 1.5 Mbps shore-to-ship for real-time streaming of ROV video, five Sony BRCH700 remote PTZ cameras, Fleet 77, Inmarsat B, Iridium, Kongsberg EM 302 multibeam sonar 30 kHz, Simrad EK60 single-beam echosounder 18 kHz, Knudsen 3260 Chirp sub- bottom profiler 3.5 kHz, R.M. Young Model 05106 wind sen- sor marine model for SCS, two R.M. Young model 0503LM wind sensors, R.M. Young 61302V barometric pressure sen- sor, Vaisala HMP45A temperature and humidity sensor, Ap- planix POS/MV 320, CNAV DGPS/CNAV 2000, ZENO-3200 programmable logger, Scientific seawater system (TSG). • Furuno NX-700 Navtex, Furuno VHF DSC, ICOM VHF, Motorola A VHF (house radio), two Iridium satellite phones, Fleet 77 Inmarsat B, GMDSS A3 console, external digital cell antenna with amplifier VSAT SeaTel 14300 3.7-m C-Band tracking antenna RTS KP-32/16 intercom units (10 units ca- pable of ship-to-shore communication), two VoIP lines. • Markey DESH-5 hydrographic winch with 8,000 m of 0.375-in. electromechanical cable, Dynacon A-frame with safe working load of 20,000 lb. and luffing load of 8,000 lb. in sea state 4, HydraPro PH 540/13KESO knuckleboom crane modified with swing arrestor and high tensile strength line instead of wire rope for ROV deployments HydraPro HP46/18KE-6000 knuckle boom general purpose crane, J- frame with safe working load of 3,500 lb. and towing ca- pacity of 3,000 lb. at angles up to 45 degrees from vertical, Vestdavit PLR-3600 single-point davits for small boats. • Wet lab, dry lab, ROV control room, ROV workshop, ROV hangar. • Ocean exploration. • — OREGON II/1967, 170 ft., 703 GT • MK 227 Sperry gyro, magnetic compass, pit log, radar, two sonars, two echosounders, GPS, SEAS, X/S-band radars, inte- grated ECS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Sea-Bird SBE9 CTD, SBE43 dissolved oxygen, SBE03 tem- perature, SBE38 oceanographic thermometer, SBE21 TSG, SB04 conductivity sensor, long-line fishing gear, plankton gear including MOCNESS, BONGO, Spanish, Neuston, PEROVET. • HF SSB, VHF/FM, satcom, Teletype. • Port J-frame, forward and aft cranes, hydro winch, two trawl winches, two seine winches. • Wet lab with conveyor system, trough, two steel counter tops; bio lab; computer lab; hydro lab; scientific freezer. • Fishery research. • — PISCES/2009, 209 ft., 2,479 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS, DP-1. • Four Simrad EK-60 multipurpose transceivers (18, 38, 120 and 200 kHz), Simrad ME-70 downward-facing multibeam sonar, Simrad FS-70 third wire netsounder, Simrad ITI trawl eye, Simrad ES-60 echosounder (50 and 200 kHz), Teledyne RDI ocean surveyor acoustic Doppler current profiler, Sperry SRD-500 Doppler speed log, Sea-Bird CTD and SeaCat set- ups, Sippican expendable bathythermograph system, Contin- uous Underway Fish Egg Sampling system (CUFES), So-Low ultralow freezer. plankton trawls, kemmerers, Secchi disks. • — • Horizon VHF. • Aluminum davit, 12-V winch, dive platform. • — • Water-quality monitoring. • — Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Columbia University 102 Administration 61 Route 9W - P.O. Box 1000 Palisades, NY 10964-8000 Email: MARCUS G. LANGSETH/1991, 235 ft., 3,834 GT • Digicourse 5011 compass, Sonardyne SIPS1, tail buoy GPS, source string GPS, Spectra, Sprint, Reflex, Syntrak 960- 24, SeisNet, ProMaxx, Focus. • Simrad EM120/122, Bell BGM-gravimeter, Geometrics 886 magnetometer, Teledyne RDI 150-kHz ADCP. • HighSeas Net, Inmarsat B, Inmarsat F77, Iridium. • Lebus 9/16-in. trawl winch, Lebus 0.322-in. CTD winch, Lebus 1/4-in. hydrographic winch, starboard side A-frame, telescoping stern boom, Sparton XBT system, flow through seawater. • Seismic lab, wet and dry labs. • General purpose research vessel. • — NOAA-Atlantic NOAA Marine Operations Center–Atlantic 439 West York St. Norfolk, VA 23510-1114 FERDINAND HASSLER/2012, 124 ft., 809 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Dual Teledyne RESON 7125 multibeam sonar, single Teledyne RESON 7111 multibeam sonar, Klein 5500 side scan sonar, dual Applanix POS MV 320 v4, Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV200 vertical beam echosounder, Brooke Ocean Technology MVP-100 moving vessel profiler, Sea-Bird SeaCat SBE 19+. • VHF/FM tranceivers, Navtex, Inmarsat system, EPIRBs, VoIP. • InterOcean CTD winch, DT Marine side scan sonar winch, Markey general purpose winch, Rolls Royce - Brooke Ocean MVP winch, knuckle boom crane, A-frame, boat davit for small boat. • Hydrographic plot room with four processing computers, two acquisition computers. • Hydrographic survey. • — GORDON GUNTER (ex RELENTLESS)/—, 224 ft., 1,486 GT • X/S-band radars, integrated ECDIS, full GMDSS suite, AIS. • Simrad EK60 Fishfinder - 18, 38, 120 and 200-kHz trans- ducers, Teledyne RD Instruments Ocean Surveyor ADCP, Sea-Bird 9-11 CTD with bottle carousel for 12 bottles, Simrad ITI trawl monitor system with two spread and one depth/tem- perature sensors. • VHF/FM and HF transceivers, Navtex, Inmarsat Standard A and C system, AFARTS receiver, EPIRBs. • A-frame, J-frame, CTD winch, oceanographic winch, aft deck and boat deck cranes, two trawl winches, 19-36 Seacat CTD for Bongo and Neuston tows, XBT launching system, CUFES capability, bow camera, three additional computer work stations, 42-in. flat panel TV for chart and closed cir- cuit camera display. Additional sensors: Wetlab fluorometer 550 m, Wetlab transmissometer good to 550 m and SBE-45 Micro TSG with SBE38 temperature sensor mounted at sea chest water intake. • Wet lab is 480 sq. ft. with conveyor belt, dumbwaiter, and 2 chest freezers; dry lab is about 400 sq. ft. with computers and CTD station; chemical lab is 250 sq. ft. with fume hood, PCO2/fluorometer, TSG/Minus80 freezer. • Fishery research. • — HENRY B. BIGELOW/2006, 209 ft., 2,218 GT • Integrated ECDIS, Sperry X-band radar with ARPA and AIS, Sperry S-band radar with ARPA, Furuno FE-700 navigational echosounder, four Leica MX-420 GPS receivers, two Sperry gyrocompasses, magnetic compass. • Simrad EK-60 GPT multipurpose transceivers, Simrad Me- 70 downward-facing multibeam sonar, Simrad FS-20 third wire netsounder, Simrad ITI trawl eye, Simrad ES-60 echo- sounder, ScanMar color net recorder, Teledyne RDI ocean surveyor acoustic Doppler current profiler, Sea-Bird CTD and SeaCat setups. • Two Sailor VHF-DSC transceivers, two Furuno GMDSS HF single side band radios, one NERA Saturn Inmarsat B voice/ data channels, Inmarsat C maritime capsat transceiver, Iridi- um sat. phone, cell phone unit, VoIP via VSAT equipment. • 8,051-lb. oceanographic winch; two 2,006-lb. A-frame LOPHIUS/2006, 26 ft., 3 GT • Raymarine C120 DGPS chart plotter/radar/depth sounder, Trimble Ag132 DGPS, laptop with HYPACK survey software. • Teledyne Odom CV 100 echosounder, Sea-Bird SEACAT CTD, EdgeTech 3200 SBP with 216 towfish, underwater vid- eo sled, SonTek 1.5-mHz mini ADCP, EdgeTech 4100P digital side scan sonar, Marine Magnetics Explorer magnetometer, Outland Technology 1000 ROV. • Standard Horizon Matrix VHF radio. • 200-hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard main engine, Honda EU2000i 2-kW generator, Pullmaster PL-5 2,000-lb. capacity hydraulic winch, 1,000-lb. capacity bow-mounted hydraulic A-frame, 500-lb. side-mounted lifting davit with DC hauler, NAVCO BH5 pneumatic vibracore system benthos piston coring system, Ted Young sediment grab samplers. • 30-sq.-ft. lab space in pilot house, 90-sq.-ft. deck space. • Inshore bathymetric and geophysical surveys, vibracore operations, sediment grab sampling, water quality monitor- ing. • Available for lease or charter. Divemasters Inc. 15 Pumpshire Rd. Toms River, NJ 08753 Email: ATLANTIC SURVEYOR/1978, 96 ft., 99 GT • Trimble NT30000 DGPS, Northstar 800 DGPS, two Furuno 72-mi. radars, Furuno PG1000 heading sensor, Sitex plotter/ ECOS, Robertson AP9 autopilot, Sitex color video sounder, electronic chart display. • — • Three ICOM VHF radios, Sea SSB MF/HF radio, various handheld VHF radios, KVH sat. phone, cell phones, e-mail/ fax/data capable. • 17-t. knuckle boom crane, 20-t. hydraulic A-frame, various J-frames and davits, assorted deck and bathy winches, four- point mooring system. • Various heated/air-conditioned ISO-type boxes available with refrigeration and running salt and/or freshwater. • — • — Duke University Marine Laboratory 135 Duke Marine Lab Rd. Beaufort, NC 28516 Email: SUSAN HUDSON/1991, 57 ft., 37 GT • Radar, depth sounder. • Sea-Bird CTD with fluorometer, transmissometer, PARsen- sor, Niskin bottles, dredge, nets, recording echosounder. • SSB, VHF. • Double-drum winch. • 120-sq.-ft. of laboratory space. • Estuarine to Gulf Stream research. • — Florida Atlantic University Department of Ocean Engineering 101 N. Beach Rd. Dania Beach, FL 33004 Email: OCEANEER IV/1978, 34 ft., 5 GT • Magnavox MX-200. • FSI CTD, side scan sonar. • Standard Horizon VHF. • Davit with hydraulic capstan • Dry lab. • Ocean engineering research. • Available for lease or charter. Interstate Environmental Commission 311 W. 43rd St., Rm. 201 New York, NY 10036 NATALE COLOSI/1988, 25 ft., — • Raymarine A70 chart plotter • Sitex CVS 106, Vigil radar, YSI D.O./temperature/salinity,

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