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32 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 offices are in the Netherlands, USA, Canada and UK; and globally, we have a partner network. Since 2012, QPS is a member of the SAAB (Sweden) group of companies. QPS, Inc. 104 Congress Street, Suite 304 Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA +1 (603) 431-1773; FAX +1 (603) 766-0485; R&R System Solutions LLC 21010 Southbank St., #735, Sterling, VA 20165, USA; (703) 937-7129;; R&R System Solutions (R&R) is a recognized professional ser- vices company providing project quality management to the ocean industry, offshore petro-chemical industry, defense, security/surveillance, and telecommunication systems. Engi- neering services include cable design analysis for working cables, bottom laid cables, ROV, umbilical, etc. Within cable services, R&R provides performance analysis, specification development, test procedures, and overall operational as- sessment. R&R has a track record of successful project man- agement, value engineering, contractual preparation and negotiation support, as well as business/operational support. Our domestic and international experience encompasses managing programs extending from research & development, manufacturing, quality issues and setup, installation and sys- tem integration. We understand the life cycle of products and services. Trained and experienced in quality procedures and processes, we apply this knowledge to real-world situations. RBR Ltd. 95 Hines Rd., Ottawa, ON K2K 2M5, Canada; (613) 599- 8900; FAX (613) 599-8929;; We create instruments to measure the blue planet. From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap, our sensors track water pa- rameters - temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH, and many others. With design and manufacturing centrally located in Ottawa, our team works in a fast-paced, dynamic atmosphere to serve customers from all corners of the globe. *RJE International, Inc. 15375 Barranca Pkwy., Ste. I-112, Irvine, CA 92618-2210, USA; (949) 727-9399; FAX (949) 727-0070;;; R. Jehart, pres.; B. O'Bannon, v.p. RJE International celebrates 25 years of service, providing mis- sion-critical products for underwater applications in military, commercial, and scientific markets. RJE manufactures sonar and navigation applications with a long-term track record of developing products specifically for special operations. RJE has customers in over 50 countries and is focused on underwater relocation/tracking and diver navigation and sonar systems . PREVCO Subsea Housings 10,000 N. Technology Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, USA; 877-3PREVCO; (480) 837-0100; FAX (480) 718-7723;; J. Head, pres. At subsea depths, you have to be certain your equipment is safe, secure and functioning correctly. PREVCO is a sub- sea engineering consultancy and manufacturer specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, vent plugs, pressure relief valves and other accessories to meet all your underwater equipment needs. We also have our own in-house pressure test facility, with 3 test chambers testing up to 15,250psi - available for use by outside companies. Our products are based on years of ocean engineering expertise and supported by a solid foundation of thorough analysis and testing. We specialize in fast-turnaround, low-cost subsea housing solutions for a wide range of undersea applications including defense, oil and gas, oceanographic, commercial diving, underwater photography, and others. At PREVCO, we believe custom manufacturing is NOT the ONLY answer. That's why we have developed over 130 off-the-shelf subsea housing designs that can be easily configured to match your specifications, providing a time-saving and cost-effective solution. Our designs are fully tested and ready to fabricate now! Some designs are available from stock. With a PREVCO sub- sea housing, you get a complete system for one low price. If you want to be sure to stay dry while you get wet, PRE- VCO is the answer. Contact us today for a free brochure. Princetel, Inc. 2560 E. State St., Hamilton, NJ 08619, USA; (609) 895- 9890; FAX (609) 895-9552;; Manufacturer of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs), fiber slip rings, electric slip rings, rotary adapters/junctions, electri- cal slip rings, pressure-compensated FORJs, video/data mux/dmux/demux media converters, cable reels designed for Princetel's FORJs, fiber-polishing machines/polishers. Princetel is a dynamic company that provides customers with exciting and innovative fiber interconnect products. Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. 80 Pleasant St., Bridgewater, NS B4V 1N1, Canada; (902) 530-3550; FAX (902) 530-3551;; B. D. Johnson, pres.; R. Schofield, admin. asst. Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. is a world leader in design, devel- opment, and manufacture of in-situ and laboratory-based dis- solved gas sensors. Since 1998, our scientists and engineers have provided innovative solutions for dissolved gas measure- ments for marine and fresh water research and monitoring, aquaculture, carbon capture and storage, algae to fuel con- version, oil and gas detection and groundwater monitoring. Quality Positioning Services bv Huis ter Heideweg 16, 3705 LZ Zeist, The Netherlands; +31 30 69 41 200;; QPS makes industry-leading software (QINSy, Qimera, Fle- dermaus, and Qastor) for collection, post processing and visualization of marine spatial data. QINSy is the data ac- quisition toolkit. Qimera is hydrographic data processing evolved. Fledermaus is 4D data visualisation and analysis. Qastor is ENC production and advanced navigation. Our RPS Oceanography Division RPS Applied Science Associates (ASA) RPS Asia Pacific Applied Science Associates (APASA) RPS Evans Hamilton (EHI) RPS MetOcean Pty Ltd.; The RPS Ocean Science Division specializes in full- service oceanographic and marine instrumentation; metocean analysis and forecasting; extremal analysis; numerical modeling; hydrodynamics and transport mod- eling; oil and chemical spill modeling; search & res- cue response; offshore renewable energy services; and data management systems for coastal and ocean data. RS Aqua Ltd. Units 4 - 6 Hurst Barns, Privett, Alton, Hampshire GU34 3PL, UK; +44 (0) 1730 828222;; M. Stemp, mng. dir. Global supplier of WaveRadar REX and RS-ORCA un- derwater noise recorders for marine mammals, ambient and industrial noise. Leading supplier of oceanographic instrumentation to the UK & Ireland; products include Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, Datawell Waveriders, RBR loggers and more. Expertise: waves, tides, acoustics, en- vironmental assessment, asset tracking, data transmission. RTsys 25, rue Michel Marion, Caudan, Bretagne 56850, France; +33 297 898 582; FAX +33 297 897 788;; RTsys designs and manufactures a range of underwater sound and multisensor acquisition systems; hydrophone recording systems, towed and fixed hydrophones arrays; hydrophones networks; real-time wireless remote monitor- ing buoys; ship and piling noise measurement buoys; and mammal dataloggers and detection systems - combined with celerity, depth, temperature, GPS and 3-axis attitude sensing. Radio Spectrum Labs, LLC 15071 N.E. 13th St., Bellevue, WA 98007, USA; (425) 746- 5659; FAX (425) 746-5659;; L. Robinson, pres., mng. member RSL designs and manufactures underwater instrumenta- tion systems and components. RSL specializes in te- lemetry systems, multiplexers, and acoustic transceiv- ers. Complete multiplexer systems are available for underwater camera and remote data acquisition units. Video/telemetry systems are available for legacy deep ocean coax cable systems as well as fiber and Ethernet cables. Ransone Technology Associates, Inc. (410) 903-8992; M.A. (Chic) Ransone, pres. Manufacturers' representative providing goods and ser- vices to the professional marketplace, particularly with regard to positioning, sonar, and underwater cur- rent measurements. Experience exceeds 50 years. Each asterisked company has a display ad in this edition of the Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory. See our Advertiser Index on page 118.

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