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30 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 Oceaneering International, Inc. 11911 FM 529, Houston, TX 77041, USA; (713) 329-4500; Oceaneering is the subsea connection specialist. From routine to extreme, we apply engineering expertise in dynamic and unconventional environments. We are connecting what's needed with what's next and offer ROVs, ROV tooling, vessels, umbilicals, IWOCS, and specialty hardware. We provide subsea solutions; IMR; completions; well intervention; P&A; diving; and NDT. OceanGate, Inc. 1205 Craftsman Way, Ste. 112, Everett, WA 98201-1594, USA; (425) 595-5013;; S. Rush, CEO & co-founder; N. McCurdy, COO OceanGate, Inc. is a global provider of manned sub- mersible services for industry, research and exploration. Submersibles are used for site survey and inspection, re- search and data collection, film and media production, and deep sea hardware testing. Submersibles currently in use accommodate up to 5 crew to depths of 500 me- ters and employ 2D and 3D high-resolution sonar. The company is developing deeper diving 5-man submers- ibles to include 4,000- and 6,000-meter capabilities. Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc. 1144 10th Ave., Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96816-2442, USA; (808) 539-3706; FAX (808) 791-4075;; T. B. Reed, pres. Seafloor mapping data acquisition and post-processing software; real-time data display, logging, and acquisition of side scan sonar, multibeam, interferometry, forward-looking sonar, sub-bottom, and magnetometry data. Post-acquisition processing package for creating seamless digital mosa- ics ready for export and charting. Services include sonar data analysis and interpretation, digital mosaicking and co-registration of swath bathymetry and side scan data, generation of survey spec. contour charts, and static/inter- active 3-D terrain visualization and analysis. Consulting services and custom configured workstations also provided. *OceanServer Technology, Inc. 275 Martine St., Fall River, MA 02723, USA; +1 (508) 678- 0550; FAX +1 (508) 678-0552;; J. Kirk, dir., sls. & mktg. OceanServer Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of man-portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), with over 250 AUVs deployed worldwide. The Iver AUV is an affordable commercial vehicle used for general survey and sub-surface security work, and serves as a research platform for autonomy, behavioral and sensor develop- ment studies at universities and navy research facilities. Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. 1590 Reed Rd., Pennington, NJ 08534, USA; (609) 730- 0400;; G. Kirby, CEO; M. Mekhiche, v.p., engrg.; D. Montagna, v.p., bus. dev. Ocean Power Technologies (NASDAQ:OPTT) is a leader in ocean wave energy systems. OPT's proprietary Power- Buoy®, based on a scalable and modular design, provides persistent and reliable power for marine applications by converting the natural energy in ocean waves into elec- tricity. OPT's PowerBuoy® is designed to service the off- shore power requirements for oil & gas, defense & secu- rity, ocean observing and communications applications. Ocean Sensor Systems, Inc. 3561 N.W. 97 Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33065, USA; (954) 796-6583; FAX (954) 827-0641;; Ocean Sensor Systems designs and manufactures water in- strumentation to operate in the ocean, lakes, ponds, hold- ing tanks, wave tanks, test facilities, flumes or whatever you may need to monitor. They can be used for measur- ing water level, temperature, tides, wave action, or tilt action when mounted on a buoy, barge or other vessel. Ocean Surveys, Inc. 129 Mill Rock Rd., East, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, USA; (860) 388-4631; FAX (860) 388-5789;; D. Bell, pres.; G. Reynolds, v.p. Ocean Surveys, Inc. (OSI) has a 50-year history of pro- viding the highest quality oceanographic and environ- mental support for coastal and inland lake and river engineering programs, including extensive successful domestic and international project experience to pri- vate owners, domestic and international engineering firms, and both U.S. federal and numerous state agencies. Mr. John Sullivan, PG. Ocean Surveys, Inc. 2720 Metairie Lawn Drive Metairie, LA 70002, USA (504) 648-0764 Ocean Technology Systems 3133 W. Harvard St., Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA; (714) 754-7848; FAX (714) 966-1639;; M. Pelissier, pres./CEO; J. Peck, COB Specialize in underwater communication systems (throughwater, hardwire, diver recall, etc.), transduc- ers, full-face masks, and related diving products. Ocean Test Equipment, Inc. 2021 SW 70th Ave., Bldg. B-1, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317, USA; (954) 474-6603; FAX (954) 474-6605;; J. Banu, pres. Manufacturer of water samplers, submersible array systems, hydrographic blocks, sedimeter, seafloor samplers and plankton nets and accessories. Flowmeters: mechanical electronic readout, direct reading and internal recording. OceanWise Ltd Dovedale House, 16 Butts Rd., Alton, Hampshire TA1 3YQ, UK; +44 (0) 142 076 8262; FAX +44 (0) 872 115 0560;; M. Osborne, mng. dir.; J. Pepper, mktg. dir.; M. Jonas, tech. dir.; C. Levey, ops. dir. We specialise in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data management and GIS including the provi- sion of intelligent marine and coastal mapping data; enter- prise GIS and productivity tools; environmental data sharing and publishing -, the quick and easy online storage and publishing subscription service; Port-Log Sys- tem, our real-time, off-the-shelf data storage and publish- ing system incorporating ocean database. We also provide capacity building and training services to our customers. OceanWorks International 120-6741 Cariboo Rd., Burnaby, BC V3N 4A3, Canada; 1 (604) 415-0088; FAX 1 (604) 420-7125;; M. Smith, pres. OceanWorks provides a full range of subsea sys- tems development, engineering, manufactur- ing, products and operational and logistics sup- port to commercial and military clients worldwide. OceanWorks International 11611 Tanner Road, Suite A Houston, TX USA 1 (281) 598-3940; FAX 1 (281) 598-3948 *Ohmsett Facility NWS Earle Waterfront, Route 36, Building R-26, Leonardo, NJ 07737, USA; (732) 866-7183; FAX (732) 866-7189; jde-;; J. Delia, prog. mgr.; P. Meyer, BSEE contracting officer rep. Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility provides independent and objective performance testing of full-scale oil spill re- sponse equipment and marine renewable energy systems (in particular, wave energy conversion devices), and helps improve technologies through research and develop- ment. Ohmsett is the only facility in North America where full-scale oil spill response, research, testing, and training can be conducted with oil in a realistic simulated marine environment under controlled conditions. The Ohmsett facility is maintained and operated by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) through a contract with MAR (MD) LLC as part of its mandated requirements to ensure that the best and saf- est technologies are used in offshore oil and gas operations. You Can AccessSea Technology Anywhere Sea Technology magazine is available on iOS and Android devices. You are able to securely log in to read current and past issues using a pre-provided password. To make sure you receive our mobile-friendly issues, subscribe for free at: Each asterisked company has a display ad in this edition of the Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory. See our Advertiser Index on page 118.

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