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Page 28 of 119 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 29 NOBSKA 319 Seasons Dr., Punta Gorda, FL 33983, USA; (941) 766-0706; FAX (941) 766-0707; dan-; Dr. A.J. Williams III, pres.; D. Schaaf, v.p. Ultra-high resolution and accuracy, 3-dimension acoustic current meter. Applica- tions include: bottom boundary layer, surf zone, tidal and estuary, fresh and salt wa- ter, low flow environments, flume measurements, coral reef studies. Moored or di- rect reading. Optional pressure, temperature, conductivity tilt, turbidity, tide gauge. Nortek AS Vangkroken 2, 1351 Rud, Norway; +47 6717 4500;; Nortek excels in the development and manufacture of acoustic Doppler instrumenta- tion. Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL) are used for subsea navigation. Acoustic Doppler Cur- rent Profilers (ADCP) are used to understand physical processes in the ocean, rivers, lakes and laboratories. We pride ourselves on being innovative in product development and production processes. Nortek provides solutions to engineers and scientists by offering real-time data collection and support from our responsive technical team. *NovAtel Inc. 1120 68th Ave., N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 8S5, Canada; (403) 295-4500; FAX ; sales@novatel. com; NovAtel products have been tested, evaluated and accepted in sea trials by major so- nar manufacturers. With the industry's widest selection of OEM GNSS positioning and orientation solutions, we offer application developers many options regarding sys- tem performance, size and cost to ensure their unique marine requirements are met. NURTEC University of Connecticut 1080 Shennecossett Rd., Marine Sciences Building, Rm. 207, Groton, CT 06340, USA; (860) 405-9121; FAX (860) 445-2969;; I. Babb, center dir.; K. Joy, tech. dir.; Service provider of observation and science class ROVs capable of supporting a wide range of imaging and sampling options to 1,000 m. Expertise in the support of research, explo- ration and subsea equipment maintenance and recovery operations. Underwater Vehicles Laboratory offering custom sampling system design, fabrication and integration services. OSIL Culkin House, C7/C8 Cairo Pl., Endeavour Bus. Pk., Penner Rd., Havant, P09 1QN, UK; +44 (0) 2392 488240; FAX +44 (0) 2392 488241;; Dr. R. Williams, mng. dir. Instrumented data buoys, monitoring systems, sediment corers and sampling equipment, instrument calibration, IAPSO Standard Seawater. Ocean Data Technologies, Inc. 31 School St., Hyannis, MA 02601, USA; (508) 827-4169; Cell (508) 221-8620; FAX (508) 957-2191;; J. Wood, pres. Ocean Data Technologies provides oceanographic data acquisition services, specifi- cally measurement of ocean currents, waves, and tides in near-shore, estuarine, shelf, and deepwater regions. Services include data acquisition system design, field instal- lation and servicing, data processing/analysis, mooring design, consulting, and proj- ect management. Oceanographic instrumentation and moorings are available for lease. Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. B108-9000 Bill Fox Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5J3, Canada; +1 (778) 654-7781; FAX +1 (778) 654-7779;; OFG is a supplier of marine electromagnetic geophysical services, AUV operations and sea- floor minerals exploration services. Manufacturer of AUV Self-Compensating Magnetometer (SCM) system. Ocean Imaging Systems Div. of EP Oceanographic, LLC 5 Spinnaker Lane, Pocasset, MA 02559, USA; (508) 296-0290; FAX (508) 281-1361;; E. Perrone, principal Manufacture oceanographic imaging systems, including sediment profile cameras. Also spe- cialize in underwater strobe lights. Jim and Angie Christmann Monterey Canyon Research Vessels, Inc. 114 Mason Street • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 423-4864 • cell (831) 332-0565 3 0 y ears! THE COASTAL R/V SHANA RAE • Offering two central California coastal vessels– s ee our website for information on R/V Retriever. * • 37 years' personal experience in coastal R/Vs, including 5 seasons in Alaska; since 1986 on this husky 50-footer. • 330 sq. ft. work deck, multi-ton overhead rigging stern u-frame, four wire choices to 4,000 meters. • Minutes from deep Monterey Canyon waters for sea trials. • Sleeps 6 comfortably, full personal accommodations, all- electric galley, 1200-mile range. https: // /150548911 https: // /150548911 * Retriever: A truckable 50-ft. steel workboat now for sale on San Francisco Bay.

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