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Page 26 of 119 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 27 seawater in field and laboratory research testing. In addition, there are many other uses and applications for this prod- uct including biological and chemical processing. We also manufacture our "Artificial Seawater" ASTM D1141-98 prod- uct which is shipped ready-made for use and application. Laser Tools Co., Inc. 12101 Arch St., Little Rock, AR 72206, USA; (501) 562- 0900; FAX (501) 562-0022;; J. Wortsmith, owner.; C. Graessle, pres.; C. York, acctg. mgr. Manufacture underwater laser lighting and laser scalers, LED strobe systems for above-water marking and laser-guided docking systems. *LinkQuest Inc. 6749 Top Gun St., Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92121-4151, USA; (858) 623-9900; FAX (858) 623-9918;; Dr. X. Yu, pres.; Dr. N. Xiao, CEO Manufactures best-selling, high-speed, power-efficient and highly robust 38,400 baud underwater acoustic modems and highly robust, accurate and cost-effective TrackLink USBL acoustic tracking systems utilizing advanced Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technology. LinkQuest's FlowQuest acoustic current profilers, FlowScout acoustic flow meters and NavQuest Doppler velocity logs provide highly competitive solutions for current profiling, discharge measurement, wave measurement or precision underwater navigation applications. Also manufactures EchoSweep 300 multibeam echosounder, PinPoint LBL acoustic position- ing systems and Precision Marine geodetic systems used for tsunami and earthquake monitoring and prediction. Liquid Robotics, Inc. 1329 Moffett Park Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA; (408) 636-4200; FAX (408) 747-1923; info@liquid-robotics. com; G. Gysin, pres. & CEO; R. Hine, founder & CTO; P. Luther, CFO; D. Middleton, exec. v.p., sls. Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures Wave Gliders, the first wave- and solar-powered unmanned ocean ro- bots. With our partners, we address many of the planet's greatest challenges, by transforming how to assess, moni- tor, and protect the ocean. We solve critical problems for defense, commercial, and science customers. With over 1.1M nautical miles at sea, Wave Gliders are the only proven unmanned surface robot for real-time ocean data collection and communications over long durations and in varying sea states. Visit www.liquid-robotics to learn more. Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) 100 E. 17th St., Riviera Beach, FL 33404, USA; (561) 494- 2305;; D. McLeod, deputy dir., autonomous marine systems Lockheed Martin has over 60 years of experience in the de- velopment and production of instrumentation to measure environmental parameters from the deep ocean through the air-sea interface and into the stratosphere. The company is a leading supplier of expendable oceanographic probes and their associated launchers and recorders. Oceanographic and research institutions, offshore oil and gas facilities and naval agencies around the world use more than 20 variants of Lock- heed Martin oceanographic probes to measure temperature, salinity, ocean current, or sound velocity versus depth. Me- teorological organizations, research institutions and military agencies use advanced Lockheed Martin radiosonde prod- ucts to obtain high-resolution, high-accuracy atmospheric profiles from the surface to altitudes in excess of 30 kilome- ters. Additionally, the company's Marlin®Autonomous Un- derwater Vehicle, equipped with accurate, high-resolution, 3-D, geo-referenced model sensors, offers customers a quick and safe way to conduct structural surveys, pipeline inspec- tions, bottom debris surveys and subsea facility inspections. Loggerhead Instruments Inc. 6576 Palmer Park Cir., Sarasota, FL 34238, USA; (941) 923-8855;; D. Mann, pres., prods. & svcs. Loggerhead Instruments manufactures hardware and software for underwater acoustic recording and motion measurement. We provide complete solutions that enable the researcher to collect and analyze large amounts of acoustic and motion data. Our new DSG-ST recorder is a long-term, low-power acoustic signal recorder capable of sampling at 288 kHz and recording to 256 GB flash cards with 3X lossless compres- sion. The DSG recorder is available with a PVC or aluminum underwater housing which support year-long deployments. Remora is a miniature underwater acoustic recorder that can be fitted to the exterior of a glider and AUV. OpenTag is an open-source inertial data logger with accelerometer, mag- netometer, gyroscope, pressure, and temperature sensors. MIB Engineers 8203 Willow Place Dr. S, Ste. 250, Houston, TX 77070, USA; (832) 478-5040; FAX (713) 609-9258;; Offshore engineering and marine hydraulic systems spe- cialists with over 30 years' experience. We provide a com- plete range of engineering design and analysis to every part of the offshore and energy industry including project management, structural design and construction. Our com- pany also provides engineering support services includ- ing FEA/CFD computing, document control, pipe stress analysis and project oversight by certified survey personnel. MSI A Division of Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 543 Great Rd., Littleton, MA 01460, USA; (978) 486-0404; FAX (978) 486-0706; C. Holmes, CEO; R. Pellecchia, dir., bus. dev.; B. Dolan, dir., bus. dev.; E. Horning, dir., bus. dev.; K. Weiler, dir., bus. dev. MSI designs and manufactures custom sonar transduc- ers and arrays. MSI's piezocomposite technology offers extremely broad bandwidth, high transmit and receive sensitivity, high source levels, conformability for curved ar- rays, and reduced side lobes. The technology has enabled several of the most advanced sonar systems available today. Brent Febo Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 879 Ward Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA (805) 967-0171, Ext. 355 Marine Magnetics Corporation 135 SPY Ct., Markham, ON L3R 5H6, Canada; (905) 479- 9727; FAX (905) 479-9484;; D. Hrvoic, pres.; M. Marlowe, mktg. dir. Marine Magnetics designs and manufactures total field magnetometers and gradiometers for marine, land and borehole applications. Our products include Explorer, the smallest high-sensitivity magnetometer on the market; SeaSPY, a versatile and easy-to-use magnetometer that has towing depth options, gradiometer configurations, inter- changeable sensors and electronics for quick swap-outs in the field; and a communications system that enables our customers to use up to 10 km of their own tow cable. Sea- Quest is a multi-sensor gradiometer platform that provides gradient data in all three dimensions, plus pressure, altim- eter and heading sensors‚Äîa tool to find small man-made objects such as UXO or archaeological artifacts. Our prod- ucts are in use around the world by mineral exploration companies, archaeologists, geophysicists, survey and sal- vage companies, navies, research institutes and universities. Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. 120 Newsome Dr. Ste. H (P.O. Box 1309), Yorktown, VA 23692-1309, USA; (804) 693-9602; 800-447-4804; FAX (804) 693-6785;; Manufacturer of the Sea Scan® line of high-resolution, digital side scan sonars, which are available in towed and embedded AUV versions. The Sea Scan® line of systems is rugged, easily deployable, and easily operated on any Windows computer. Marine Technology Society 1100 H Street, N.W., Ste. LL-100, Washington, DC 20005, USA; (202) 717-8705;; The Marine Technology Society (MTS) provides its active and experienced membership of ocean engineers, tech- nologists, policy-makers and educators with North America and international forums for the exchange of information and ideas. MTS hosts the largest and most important con- versations through its peer-reviewed MTS Journal, con- ferences, newsletters and website ( Local sections and professional technical committees en- hance specialized expertise while building professional networks. Today, many businesses, in the U.S. and around the globe, find their MTS membership to be a valued ally in new research, news and partnership opportunities. At MTS, "Opportunity Runs Deep." Maritime Applied Physics Corporation 1850 Frankfurst Ave., Baltimore, MD 21226, USA; (443) 524-3330;; M. Rice, pres.; T. Bein, v.p.; J. Chafe, v.p.; A. Blanding, CFO; P. McShane, bus. admin. mgr. Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) transitions technologies to production. Our strengths are mechanical and electrical system design. We produce the GARC rescue boat, unmanned systems, and proven experience across many al- ternative energy technologies. We have electrical systems in- tegration capabilities, and specialize in the maritime industry. Sign up today at to receive your FREE bi-weekly electronic newsletter Each asterisked company has a display ad in this edition of the Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory. See our Advertiser Index on page 118.

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