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porating the open architecture common control system, ACE. 26 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 Klein Marine Systems, Inc. 11 Klein Dr., Salem, NH 03079, USA; (603) 893-6131; FAX (603) 893-8807;; F. Cobis, v.p. & gen. mgr.; G. Di Stefano, dir., mktg. & sls.; R. Osias, regional sls. mgr.; S. Armstrong, tech. sls. mgr.; D. Durgin, supervisor, mktg. & sls. World's leading supplier of side scan and multi-beam sonar equipment and waterside security and surveillance systems. The high-resolution sonar systems provide high-speed, full bottom coverage with imagery unmatched in the industry. Knudsen Engineering Limited 10 Industrial Rd., Perth, ON K7H 3P2, Canada; (613) 267- 1165; FAX (613) 267-7085;; D. Knudsen, pres.; J. Knudsen, v.p. ops./mktg. Specialists in underwater acoustics. Manufacturers of high-performance, digital single-beam echosounders for a wide range of applications including survey, navigation, dredging and scientific research. Product lines include the 320 Navigation Series, 1600 Sounder Series and 3200 Chirp Series of precision depth measurement instruments. Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd Division of Kongsberg Maritime Shuttleworth Close, Gapton Hall Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 0NQ, England; +44 (0) 1493 600666; FAX +44 (0) 1493 651100;; P. Hogarth, pres.; B. Hone, sls. Manufacturers of a range of hydrographic survey tools in- cluding multi-beam echosounders, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profilers. Top-selling GeoSwath wide angle bathymetric system. PulSAR Digital SSS, GeoPulse profilers. Kongsberg Maritime AS - Subsea Division Division of Kongsberg Group Strandpromenaden 50 (P.O. Box 111), N-3191 Horten, Norway; +47 33 03 41 00; FAX +47 33 04 47 53; Underwater positioning and navigation, including the indus- try standard of HPR and HiPAP systems and inertial naviga- tion through Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation, the HAIN systems. Transponders for any water depth and any of the LBL, SBL, SSBL or combined principles. Acoustic te- lemetry, vertical and horizontal, up to 15 km. Acoustic BOP emergency control. Hydrographic precision echosounders of single beam and multi-beam types, for surface ship, ROV, towed and AUV applications. Hydrographic data-processing software. Integrated instrumentation systems. Active so- nars for both anti-submarine warfare, obstacle avoidance and mine detection and classification. Products specially designed for littoral warfare and brown water operations. Underwater camera & imaging technology and marine CCTV systems to the offshore oil field & renewable energy, power generation, scientific, maritime and military sectors. InterOcean Systems, LLC 3738 Ruffin Rd., San Diego, CA 92123, USA; (858) 565- 8400; FAX (858) 268-9695;; M. Pearlman, pres./CEO; C. Chase, oil spill prod. mgr.; S. Pearlman, v.p., sls. InterOcean Systems is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance oceanographic instru- ments, integrated ocean data acquisition systems, mooring equipment, and hydrographic cable-handling winches. We provide over 150 standard products for coastal and deep ocean applications in addition to specialized design, engi- neering, and production expertise. Standard products include the S4A and S4ADWi instruments for currents, directional wave, tide, CTD, turbidity and more; acoustic releases for instrument deployment or offshore construction and platform moorings with load ratings from 100kg to 1,000,000kg; inte- grated ocean data acquisition buoys for coastal or offshore research applications; oil spill detection systems for pollu- tion control; and winches for hydrographic applications in all sizes for sampling, towing, mooring or specialized purposes. Clients in over 60 countries include research institutions, government departments, military branches, port and harbor administrations, fisheries, survey consultants, and offshore oil companies. With a focus on high-quality solutions, customer support, and many years of direct experience, we look for- ward to meeting your requirements with the products, sys- tems, and technology that are durable and easy to use and of- fer long-term reliability in demanding marine environments. iXBlue 34, rue de la Croix de Fer, 78100 Saint-Germain-En-Laye, France; +33 (0) 1 30 08 88 88; FAX +33 (0) 1 30 08 88 00; P. Debaillon Vesque, pres. & CEO iXBlue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning, and imaging. Civil and defense customers rely on our systems, operations, and services for the challenges they face at sea, on land, in the air or in space. We are recognized throughout the industry for our pioneering work on the development of ultimate per- formance fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), acoustic and sonar signal processing, and inertial-acoustic sensor data fusion. In all of these areas, we work to ensure that our products provide high accuracy, unrivalled performance and unsur- passed reliability. iXBlue serves customers through sales and support offices around the world, offering 24/7 assistance. JFE Advantech Co., Ltd. 3-48, Takahata-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, 663-8202, Ja- pan; +81-798-66-1783; FAX +81-798-66-1654;; H. Li, gen. mgr., oceanographic research laboratory JFE Advantech is a global oceanographic instruments manu- facturer located in Japan. We produce sensors measuring CTDs, chlorophyll, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, water cur- rent, wave height, and more. Our robust wiper system will maintain long-term stable and reliable measurement. Our re- markably fast responding DO sensor "RINKO" is now ready to be integrated onto Argo floats and underwater platforms. Kemo Limited Dene Yard, Green St. Green Rd., Dartford, Kent DA2 8DH, UK; +44 (0) 1474 705168; FAX +44 (0) 1474 705168;; Kemo manufacture a full range of precision filters and spe- cialist systems for signal processing. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. Division of Kongsberg Maritime 1598 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5, Canada; +1 (604) 464-8144; FAX +1 (604) 941-5423;; N. Riahi, pres. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., the Canadian subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, is a global leader in the under- water acoustic industry. With over 40 years of innova- tive sonar experience, the Company designs and manu- factures acoustic instrumentation with superior image resolution. Mesotech supplies a worldwide customer base with sonar for search and recovery, marine engineering, se- curity and surveillance, fisheries and scientific applications. Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc. Division of Kongsberg Maritime AS 19210 33rd Avenue West, Suite A, Lynnwood, WA 98036-4707, USA; (425) 712-1107; FAX (425) 712-1197;; T. Healy, pres. Sales and service of Kongsberg multi-beam and single beam echosounders, sub-bottom profilers, position and motion reference systems, side scan and SAS sonars, surveillance so- nars, AUVs and Simrad acoustic systems for fisheries and fish- eries research. Manufacturing, sales and support of Seaglider AUV system. Custom engineering and software development. Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. 113 Terminal Rd., Conception Bay South, NL A1X 7B5, Canada;; Kraken is a marine technology company engaged in the design, development and marketing of advanced sonar and acoustic velocity sensors for Unmanned Underwater Ve- hicles (UUVs) used in military and commercial applications. We are world-leading innovators of synthetic aperture sonar. Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. One Willow Tree Rd., Leonia, NJ 07605, USA; (201) 461- 0900; FAX (201) 461-0990;; N. Kurtz, COB & CEO; L. DeRosa, v. chmn.; L. Geras, sr. v.p., micro sensors div.; G. Boctor, v.p., miniature transducer sls.; A. Schwartz, mgr., marine apps. Kulite manufactures pressure transducers for shipboard use and transducers which are fully submersible to 3,000 meters for use in subsea applications. The Kulite pressure transducer meets the strictest Navy requirements with re- gard to enclosure, splash-proofness, salt spray and humidity. Lake Products Company LLC P.O. Box 2658, Florissant, MO 63032, USA; (314) 770- 2299;; M. Youngberg, ops. mgr. Lake Products Company LLC manufactures and supplies its laboratory testing chemical "Sea Salt" ASTM D1141-98 to companies and universities worldwide who are engaged in corrosion testing, oceanographic research and ocean instrument calibration. This product is used as an artificial

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