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Page 24 of 119 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 25 Hydroid, Inc. Division of Kongsberg Maritime 1 Henry Dr., Pocasset, MA 02559, USA; (508) 563-6565; FAX (508) 563-3445;; G. Lester, v.p., sls. & mktg. Located in the U.S., and a subsidiary of Kongsberg Mari- time, Hydroid is the world's most trusted manufacturer of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and marine ro- botic systems. Its flagship line of REMUS AUVs, together with Kongsberg Maritime's HUGIN, MUNIN and Sea- glider underwater vehicles, provides marine profession- als worldwide with intelligent marine robots they can rely on. These innovative full-picture AUV systems are utilized internationally in marine research, defense, hydrogra- phy and energy exploration. Our vehicles represent the most advanced, diversified and field-proven line of AUVs and support systems in the world. For more information on Hydroid and Kongsberg marine robotics technology, please visit or HYDROSPACE Group Inc. 9559 Center Ave., Ste. P, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA; (909) 989-7773; FAX (909) 912-8397;; W. Kohnen, pres., CEO; M. Azer, bus. dev. Acrylic windows and pressure vessels. Specialized in pressure vessels for human occupancy (ASME PVHO). Design, fabri- cation, repair, replacement and hydrostatic testing of PVHO acrylic windows. PVHO chambers and systems. Manned submersible systems, custom subsea electric motor drive sys- tems: track drives, hydraulic power units, and electric jetting pumps. Rotary position actuators. Pressure tolerant Li-Po bat- tery systems. Engineering design, structural and hydrodynam- ic analysis, hydrostatic testing, classification to ABS, DNVGL. HYPACK, Inc. 56 Bradley St., Middletown, CT 06457, USA; (860) 635- 1500; FAX (860) 635-1522;; H. Orlinsky, gen. mgr.; L. Evans, sls. & mktg. mgr. HYPACK Windows-based hydrographic survey soft- ware. HYSWEEP multibeam data processing software. DREDGEPACK Windows-based dredging control software. I.F.D., INC. 935 Town Hall Ave., Unit 1, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA; (954) 574-9517;; A. LaBonté, pres. & chf. engr. Timed releases, galvanic releases, acoustic release backups, corrosion links, dissolving links, and ghost fishing prevention. ITC A Division of Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 869 Ward Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2920, USA; (805) 967-0171; FAX (805) 967-8199; C. Holmes, CEO; B. Dolan, dir., bus. dev.; E. Horning, dir., bus. dev.; K. Weiler, dir., bus. dev. The Science of Sound Performance. ITC, a Division of Channel Technologies Group (CTG), designs and manu- factures both custom and off-the-shelf underwater, air, and ultrasonic acoustic transducers, projectors, hydrophones, hydrophone/preamp, side-scan arrays, OEM and end- item products for commercial and military applications. Brent Febo Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 879 Ward Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA (805) 967-0171, Ext. 355 Imagenex Technology Corp. 209-1875 Broadway St., Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 4Z1, Canada; (604) 944-8248; FAX (604) 944-8249;; W. Wilhelmsen, pres.; J. Patterson, v.p.; G. Kristensen, mng. dir. Design and manufacture of sonar systems. Please see our website for a representative near you. In-Situ Inc. 221 East Lincoln Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA; (970) 498-1500; FAX (970) 498-1598;; J. Pawlikowski, CEO Marine environmental and aquaculture monitoring equip- ment, real-time telemetry systems and data services, and data logging instrumentation for measuring tide/harbor fluctua- tions, conducting vertical profiling, monitoring water qual- ity, and gathering storm surge data. Water quality handhelds interface with iOS and Android devices. Smartphone used to view data, email data, log data, and geotag site details. INNOMAR Technologie GmbH Schutower Ringstr. 4, Rostock, D-18069, Germany; +49 (0) 381 440 790; FAX +49 (0) 381 440 79299;; High-resolution parametric sub-bottom profilers SES-2000 for extremely shallow to deep waters. Combined SBP/side scan for shallow waters. Development of underwater acoustic sys- tems, electronics and software on customer's request. Rent- ing of equipment and hiring of survey personnel possible. Institute for Coastal Science Policy (ICSP) East Carolina University 250 Flanagan Suite, 100 Alumni Dr., ECU, Greenville, NC 27858, USA; (252) 328-6220; FAX (252) 328-4265;; D. Griffith, dir. of ICSP; M. Keusenkothen, dir., diving & wa- ter safety ofc.; J. Luczkovich, sr. scientist The Institute for Coastal Science and Policy (ICSP) con- ducts interdisciplinary research to enhance understanding of the complex interactions between human behavior and the marine environment and its resources, and to draw on that understanding to develop and influence sound public policy options. We provide marine research ser- vices, research vessel charters, and equipment rentals. *Instruments, Inc. 7263 Engineer Rd., #G, San Diego, CA 92111, USA; (858) 571-1111; FAX (858) 571-0188; info@instrumentsinc. com; K.D. Kalbfell, pres.; R.F. Kay, pur. mgr. High-power linear and switching amplifiers for driving sonar transducers up to 1 MHz. Integrity Ocean Systems 82 Technology Park Dr., East Falmouth, MA 02536, USA;; P. Dugas, owner Ocean sensor fabrication. Instrument manufacturing, testing, and repair. Chassis wiring. Small batch circuit board assembly. International Society of Offshore & Polar Engi- neers, ISOPE P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, CA 95015-0189, USA; (650) 254-1871; FAX (650) 254-2038;; www. Prof. J. S. Chung, exec. dir. ISOPE, the International Society of Offshore and Polar En- gineers (1989 - ) under IRS code 501 (c) (3), promotes co- operation among engineers and researchers in interdisci- plinary ocean, arctic and energy. The membership is open equally to all. ISOPE activities include technical conferences, publications, scholarship and international cooperation. International Submarine Engineering Ltd. 1734 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M8, Canada; (604) 942-5223; FAX (604) 942-7577;; J.R. McFarlane, pres.; J.A.R. McFarlane, v.p. Founded in 1974, ISE are the designers and builders of ROVs, AUVs, semi-submersibles, UUVs, thrusters, heavy manipulators and fiber optic cables and tools, including seal extractors, suction dredges, leg clamps and hyperbaric isothermal clathrate samplers. ISE has also developed spe- cialty equipment such as the CSA space training arms and the Shell Smart Pump. ISE has the technical expertise for designing and integrating complex automated systems incor- Sign up today at to receive your FREE bi-weekly electronic newsletter

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