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. 20 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 Coastal Leasing, Inc. 179 Sidney St., Cambridge, MA 02139-4238, USA; (617) 497-1122;; D. Grossman, pres. For nearly forty years, Coastal has remained the trusted name in worldwide lease or sale of oceanographic, environmental and meteorologic instrument systems. Coastal is a leading source of leased Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs); acoustic releases; acoustic deck gear; buoyancy; current me- ters; directional wave gauges; met stations; mooring frames and tripods; tide gauges; water quality instruments; and simi- lar state-of-the-art equipment from premier suppliers includ- ing Teledyne Benthos, Mooring Systems, Nortek, Onset, Rowe Technology, and Teledyne RD Instruments. Standard or fully integrated custom and special configurations are available Cortec® Corporation 4119 White Bear Pkwy., St. Paul, MN 55110, USA; (651) 429-1100; FAX (651) 429-1122;; C. Cracauer, v.p., sls. Cortec® Corporation is the global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI® and MCI® corro- sion control technologies for packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, water treatment, oil & gas, and other industries. Our relentless dedication to sustainability, quality, service, and support is unmatched in the industry. *Cygnus Instruments, Inc. P.O. Box 6417, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA; (410) 267- 9771/9774; FAX (410) 268-2013;; R. Sanders, pres. Diver handheld thickness gauges that attach to the div- er's wrist. The DIVE is a multiple echo metal thickness gauge that ignores coating. Single echo for corroded steel available as well as A-scan and data logging. ROV units also available for depths from 500 m to 4,000 m. DVEO Computer Modules, Inc. 11409 West Bernardo Ct., San Diego, CA 92127, USA; +1 (858) 613-1818; FAX +1 (858) 613-1815;; L. Zoltan, v.p. DVEO's Retro View HD-SDI 1-4ch™ video recorder adds crucial instrument data to live video footage. It re- cords 1-4 HD-SDI inputs plus RS-232 and/or IP in, and 1-4 HD-SDI outputs and/or IP out. It overlays critical real-time instrument data such as timecode, GPS info, temperature, pressure, vibrations, etc. on live video DWTEK Co., Ltd. No. 22, Dong Ying Rd., East District, Taichung City 401, Taiwan; 886-4-3502-4890; FAX 886-4-2211-2890;; D. Chang, gen. mgr.; W. Chang, CTO As the first marine equipment manufacturer and sup- plier in Taiwan, DWTEK has devoted its full effort to the enhancement of the subsea industry since 2008. We have been focusing on development of ROV and re- lated components including subsea connectors, propul- sion systems, cameras, LED lights, navigation sensors, etc. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd 55 Central Ave., West Molesey, Surrey KT8 2QZ, UK; +44 (0)20 8481 9000; FAX +44 (0)20 8941 9319;; Chelsea Technologies Group has over 50 years' experi- ence in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors for the maritime, marine science, defence and industrial process control markets. CTG manufactures a range of in- novative multi-parameter sensors and systems for monitor- ing the physical, optical, acoustic and biological oceano- graphic and freshwater environments. Sensors are available for in-situ chlorophyll and algae class studies; dye tracing; oil spill monitoring; water abstraction management and effluent detection; as well as primary productivity stud- ies, algal bloom detection and toxicant detection. Portable and in-line systems are also available for monitoring ship's treated ballast water and wash water from exhaust gas cleaning systems to ensure compliancy. CTG also supplies a range of military environmental systems for performance evaluation of airborne, surface ship and submarine sonars. Andrea Zappe Prairie Ocean Technologies P.O. Box 95 West Hawk Lake, MB R0E 2H0, Canada +204 800 1818, Mobile +352 426 6078; FAX +204 480 4848 Chesapeake Technology, Inc. 1605 W. El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040-2459, USA; (650) 967-2045; FAX (650) 903-4500;; J.T. Gann, CIO; E.T. Gann, pres. Chesapeake Technology, Inc. produces SonarWiz, an easy- to-use software, for marine data acquisition and processing, mapping, reporting and 3D visualization. SonarWiz is avail- able for almost all commercial sonars, sub-bottom profil- ers, and magnetometers as well as single- and multi-beam echosounders. Known for its advanced reporting tools, So- narWiz shortens the time from acquisition to final products. Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. 820 First Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98134-1202, USA; (206) 682-6048; FAX (206) 682-5658;; K. North, v.p., sls. Manufacturer of shore-based "met" systems with telem- etry, and weather stations for platform and shipboard ap- plications. Makers of ZENO® data collection systems and the WEATHERPAK® meteorological monitoring system. Coastal Environments/EcoSystems Management 2166 Avenida de la Playa, Ste. E, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA; (858) 459-0008; FAX (858) 459-0107;;;;; Dr. H. M. Elwany, pres; W. Speidel, v.p.; N. Marshall v.p., prods. & svcs. Coastal Environments and EcoSystems Management As- sociates (a subsidiary of CE) have been multi-disciplinary organizations providing specialized, high-quality services in marine and estuarine environments serving govern- mental, public, and private clientele since 1965. We have established working relationships with regulatory agen- cies and maintain strong connections with experts in re- lated fields. Our services include coastal engineering and physical oceanography; design and construction of artificial reefs; archaeological investigations; restoration of wetland habitats; beach and near-shore profiling surveys; engineer- ing bathymetric, oceanographic, and seismic surveys; sedi- ment and water sampling and chemistry; cable and pipeline route selection; desalination site feasibility studies; marine search and recovery surveys; environmental impact assess- ments; biological monitoring; and numerical monitoring. Datawell bv Zomerlustraat 4, 2012 LM Haarlem, The Netherlands; +31 23 5316053; FAX +31 23 5311986;; H. P. Joosten, mng. dir.; H. F. Pannekeet, sls. mgr. Manufacturer and supplier of wave measurement sys- tems containing the (Directional) Waverider or DWR-G for measuring wave height, wave direction and cur- rent speed and direction (DWR4). Data transmission via HF, GSM or satellite link. Powered by primary cells with or without solar panel. Manufacturer and sup- plier of mooring systems for wave and navigation buoys. Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. 2528 Qume Dr., Ste. 11, San Jose, CA 95131, USA; (408) 436-1102; FAX (408) 436-1108;; Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. is a technology-based en- gineering and manufacturing company that provides ro- botic solutions. Our ROV systems have been utilized in a broad range of industry applications - security, mili- tary, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, inshore dams and lakes, oil and gas, scientific research, fisher- ies, salvage, broadcast filming, and pipeline inspections. DeepSea Power & Light, Inc. 4033 Ruffin Rd., San Diego, CA 92123-1817, USA; (858) 576-1261; FAX (858) 576-0219;; M.S. Olsson, pres.; S. Weston, gen. mgr.; R. Marsh & B. Braden, sls. eng. For over 30 years, DeepSea Power & Light® has manu- factured superior underwater lights, cameras, pres- sure-compensated batteries, lasers, and pressure relief valves for the most demanding deep water applications, including: ROVs, AUVs, divers, and manned sub- mersibles. DeepSea Power & Light® also offers pres- sure testing services with chambers rated up to 30 ksi. DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. 394 Hill St., Biddeford, ME 04005, USA; (207) 502-1400;; D. Capotosto, dir., bus. dev.; D. Cote, sls. mgr. DeepWater Buoyancy creates subsea buoyancy prod- ucts for leading companies in the oceanographic, seismic, survey, military and offshore oil & gas markets. Products include: ADCP buoys and inline frames, subsea moor- ing buoys, instrument buoyancy collars, cable & marker floats, ROV/AUV buoyancy, modular installation buoys, and custom syntactic foam solutions. Customers have relied on our products for over thirty years, from the ocean surface to depths exceeding six thousand meters. develogic GmbH Eiffestrasse 598, 20537 Hamburg, Germany; +49 (0) 40 98 26 25 13; FAX +49 (0) 40 98 26 25 22;; develogic subsea systems is a German-based company with a focus on developing and manufacturing turn- key customized data acquisition and telemetry solutions for marine monitoring applications. Available technol-

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