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The Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory is the only complete directory serving the ocean/marine/offshore community. Updated technical articles and industry reports, listing of manufacturers, cross index of products and services available.

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Page 18 of 119 SECTION B • Industrial Firms • BG 2017 19 Brightwaters Instrument Corp. 551 Lombardy Blvd., Brightwaters, NY 11718, USA; (631) 968-7840; FAX (631) 968-6471;; T. Wilson, pres.; P. Salamon, v.p. Oceanographic instrument manufacturer. GPS drifting buoys, mooring monitors, and submersible beacons with Iridium or Argos telemetry. Argos and manually-tracked drifters. Low- cost salinity sensors/recorders. Custom products and OEM design services. Expertise includes Iridium, Argos 3, Argos 2, cellular, Wi-Fi, and radio telemetry; GPS; hydrographic and meteorological sensors; and Web data distribution. Brodeur Machine Company, Inc. 62 Wood St., New Bedford, MA 02745, USA; (508) 995- 2662; FAX (508) 995-9824;; M. Brodeur, pres./treas.; G. Gelette, exec. v.p. Design and/or building and repair of specialized equipment related to ocean work. Complete ser- vices in fabricating, machining and thermal spray coating. AUV hull sections and components. BuTech Division of Accudyne Industries 100 East Graham Pl., Burbank, CA 91502, USA; (814) 833-4904; FAX (818) 841-4291;; BuTech pushes boundaries by addressing the challenges faced by industries worldwide. With the capability of safely pressur- izing a wide range of liquids and gases, BuTech high-pressure valves and components deliver superior quality, reliability and performance. Our comprehensive selection of prod- ucts means you get the right valve for the right application. CRA Inc. 2121 Brittmoore Rd., Ste. 4600, Houston, TX 77043, USA; (713) 690-4626; FAX (713) 636-2788;; C. Ransome, pres.; M. Lahr, v.p. Automated single- and multi-beam hydrographic surveys, side scan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profiling, underwater sediment sampling, underwater remote sens- ing and inspection ground-based mobile LiDAR mapping. *CSnet International, Inc. 3270 Highway A-1A, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951, USA; (321) 327-7915; FAX (888) 868-7915;; CSnet offers a modular seafloor communications network, the Offshore Communications Backbone (OCB), deploy- able in depths to 3,000 meters for hydrocarbon explora- tion and site assessment; monitoring activities; scientific environmental and oceanographic observing systems; tsu- nami and seismic warning systems; and noise monitoring Cathx Ocean Unit D3, M7 Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Kildare, Ire- land; +353 (0) 45 252786;; A. Boyle, CEO; Michael Flynn, CTO; Marie Flynn, COO Cathx Ocean design and manufacture advanced subsea imag- ing and measurement systems. Our products, designed spe- cifically for subsea, allow AUVs and ROVs to capture UHD stills, HD video and 3-D point cloud at greater ranges and speeds. The Cathx system includes camera, laser profiler and strobe lights with sequential imaging, providing high-resolu- tion co-registered stills, mosaics and 3-D point cloud data sets. Cathx Corporation 5100 Westheimer, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77056, USA +1 (617) 939-9708 Cellula Robotics Ltd. B109-9000 Bill Fox Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5J3, Canada; (604) 540-5530; FAX (604) 525-5570;; E. Jackson, pres.; T. Crees, control sys. mgr.; P. Prunianu, chief eng.; A. Woodroffe, bus. dev. mgr. Products include - robotic subsea geotechnical equip- ment: seafloor coring drills, subsea excavators, slurry cap- ture, downhole tools. Subsea electrohydraulic control systems: wellhead intervention systems, vehicle control systems. Autonomous control systems: vehicles and ma- nipulators. Bespoke harsh environment mechanisms and controllers. Services include - Analyses: cost/benefit, risk, hazards, feasibility, technical; prototype development; systems engineering; project management; mechani- cal engineering & design in 3D; electrical engineering for surface and subsea; software engineering for control ap- plications; simulation and modeling; and data processing. Cetacean Research Technology CetResTec, Inc. 4728 12th Ave. N.E., Seattle, WA 98105, USA; (206) 297- 1310;; J.R. Olson, pres. Broadband hydrophones, signal analysis soft- ware, A/D-D/A converters, digital recording sys- tems, underwater noise measurement systems, suc- tion cup attachment devices, and custom systems for underwater sound detection, analysis, and recording. Chafe-Pro P.O. Box 823, Graham, NC 27253, USA; (336) 567-0336; FAX (336) 270-5290;; M. Ratigan, pres. Globally recognized as the leading manufacturer of chafe- abrasion protection devices, Chafe-Pro is regarded as the best chafing gear offered on the world market. Our ex- perienced design & manufacturing team has an excellent reputation for quickly responding to customers' requests for special applications. FJORD, Inc. guarantees that Chafe-Pro will outlast and outperform all removable anti-chafe pro- tection devices, when tested under the same conditions. Channel Industries A Division of Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 839 Ward Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA; (805) 967- 0171; FAX (805) 683-3420; C. Holmes, CEO; B. Dolan, dir., bus. dev.; E. Horning, dir., bus. dev.; K. Weiler, dir., bus. dev. Piezoelectric ceramics. Channel Industries, a Division of Channel Technologies Group (CTG), is a custom manufactur- er of piezoelectric elements in lead-zirconate and barium tita- nate compositions. Since 1959, Channel Industries' ceramics have been at the heart of thousands of underwater acoustic applications and systems. Products include hydrophones, towed arrays, modems, and side scan sonar, among other mil- itary and commercial applications that are used worldwide. Brent Febo Channel Technologies Group (CTG) 879 Ward Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA (805) 967-0171, Ext. 355 You Can AccessSea Technology Anywhere Sea Technology magazine is available on iOS and Android devices. You are able to securely log in to read current and past issues using a pre-provided password. To make sure you receive our mobile-friendly issues, subscribe for free at: . Each asterisked company has a display ad in this edition of the Sea Technology Buyers Guide/Directory. See our Advertiser Index on page 118. Sign up today at to receive your FREE bi-weekly electronic newsletter

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