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      112 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2017 • Wesmar side scan tow winch with 500-lb. pull, 4,800-lb. capacity A-frame. • 90-sq.-ft. with three computer workstations, 26-sq.-ft. computer room, 19-ft.-by-19-ft. open deck space. • Shallow-water surveys. • Available for lease or charter. Humboldt State University Marine Facilities 1 Harper St. Arcata, CA 95521 Email: CORAL SEA/1974, 90 ft., 143 GT • Two radars, Furuno 1954C and 1731 Mk 3, two depth sounders, Furuno FCV 1100L and 501, four GPS, Furuno GP- 80 and Trimble G 10 X, Nobeltec plotter, ComNav auto pilot, 6-in. Dirigo compass. • Rosette, CTD, box core, bongo nets, trawl nets, ADCP, Smith McIntyre grab, ponar, Isaacs trawl. • Two VHF, ICOM M602 DCS and standard Polaris RDF, SSB, Furuno FS-1503, cell Internet connect, two cell phones, Stan- dard Horizon LK-10 loud hailer. • Main winch Markey DES 3, hydro winch fabcast, A-frame, anchor winch with three-point mooring, HIAB 035 sea crane, side davit, dive ladder. • 46-sq.-ft. wet lab, 177-sq.-ft. dry lab, computer, Nobeltec plotting software. • Education/oceanography. • Available for lease or charter. Maritime Logistics 1538 Oak St. Paso Robles, CA 93446 Email: MICHAEL UHL/1972, 100 ft., 59 GT • Furuno FR 7062 radar, Sperry/Ritchie compass, Furuno FCV-271 fathometer, Garmin GPS map 180, Garmin GPS map 128, Sperry autopilot, Nobeltec and Admiral with Maptech charts. • — • ICOM IC-M700PRO SSB, ICOM IC-M802 SSB, ICOM M302 with DSC, two Quest with ram mic., EPIRB ACR satel- lite 406, two Sea 20 SARTS. • Hydra Pro stiff arm HP 40/11T, 5-t. max. capacity A-frame, Bayard winch 8,000 #line pull 48 ft. per min. • — • Research, dive and construction. • — SURVEYOR/1972/2010, 92.8 ft., — • Two JRC JMA2344 radar systems, JRC JLR-10 GPS com- pass, Garmin GPS map 128, Sperry and Ritchie compasses, Simrad AP50 autopilot, JRC Plot 500F with transducer and GPS. • — • Two ICOM IC-M700PRO, JRC JHS-32A GMDSS radio telephone. • Crane on starboard aft rail, stern A-frame, Hydraulic Ra- mey knuckle crane 2000, 5-t. max capacity, assorted small desk winches and pullers available on request. • — • — • Available for lease or charter. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute 7700 Sandholdt Rd. Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644 Email: RACHEL CARSON/—, 135 ft., 430 GT • Furuno FR-1510D radar, Trimble 4000DL DGPS, Furuno GD 1920C-BB color video plotter, Furuno 1934C-BB radar, Taiyo TD-L 1630 ADDF, Sperry Navigat 2100 fiber-optic gyro, Furuno FC 50 satellite compass. • Furuno LS6100 echosounder, Ventana. • Furuno FS 1503 SSB radio telephone three VHF ICOM, Raytheon Ray410 loud hailer. • Markey anchor windlass, MacArtney MASH winch, AK25 sea crane, PM43 main ROV crane. • — • AUV support, general oceanography. • — Clatsop Community College 6550 Liberty Ln. Astoria, OR 97103 FORERUNNER/1969, 50 ft., 35 GT • Furuno sat. compass, Furuno DGPS, Simrad radar, Tele- dyne RDI 1,200-kHz ADCP, Ocean Sensors OS200, Coastal Explorer program with GPS. • VHF SSB local network connection, loud hailer, VLH 3000, Furuno echosounder L5 4100. • Loud hailer, VLH 3000, Furuno echosounder LS 4100. • 1-t. sea crane, hydrographic winch, stern winch for towing holds 400-ft. of 1 1/8-in. line, 1,200-lb. HIAB sea crane 23, 325-ft. bow anchor winch. • — • Teaching/estuarine oceanography. • Available for lease or charter. Global Seas LLC Admiral's House 2500 West Marina Place Seattle, WA 98119 Email: MT. AUGUSTINE/—, 32 ft., 9 GT • Furuno 1751 Mark II radar, Furuno RD-30 depth sounder, Furuno FCV-600L depth sounder, Standard Horizon CP500 GPS chart plotter, Furuno GP-31 GPS, Furuno AD 100 digi- tal gyro repeater, Ritchie 4-in. magnetic compass, ComNav Commander P2 autopilot system with NEMA input and out- put, JRC JHS-182 AIS. • Mount for Teledyne RESON 8101, 7101 or 7125; mount for EdgeTech 4200; mounting positions for Applanix POS MV 320. • ICOM IC-M127 VHF, ICOM M502 VHF, ICOM IC-M34 handheld VHF. • — • Three workstations, computer rack in forward cabin, deck area approx. 75 sq. ft. • Shallow-water surveys. • Available for lease or charter. MT. MITCHELL/1967/2002, 231 ft., 1,453 GT The vessel is U.S. flag and operated in strict compliance with ABS + A1 (E) AMS, USCG Sub "U," "I," COI. SOLAS com- pliant. Renewed five year ABS certification completed May 2013. • Furuno FAR 2835 S/12 10-cm, S-band 96-nm, IMO-com- pliant ARPA with 28-in. color CRT, Furuno PM-50 IMO-com- pliant performance monitor, Furuno FR 2115 (3-cm, X-band, 96-nm, IMO-compliant ARPA with 21-in. color monitor, Fu- runo FE 700 IMO-compliant, color depth sounder, 50-kHz, JRC JLN-203 Doppler speed log, Young Marine wind tracker, model 06206, Transas Navi-Sailor ECS-1 with AIS charting and plotting software, Furuno GP-37 differential GPS with WAAS technologies, Sperry SR 180 MKI gyrocompass, Fu- runo AD 100 digital gyro repeater, Liley & Gillie MK2000 10- in. ocean magnetic compass, Robertson AP 9 MK 3 autopilot system, Simrad A180 AIS. • Kongsberg EM 120 multibeam echosounder, Kongsberg EM 710 multibeam echosounder, Applanix POS MV 320, AML Oceanographic SV&T, Seachest valve 500-mm hull- mounted for installation of Kongsberg HiPAP. • Skanti Scanbridge 1250 A4 GMDSS system, Furuno Fel- com 82B Inmarsat B with high-speed data telephone, fax and e-mail, SeaTel 4006 Ku-band VSAT Internet connection, Skanti Scansat 7701 Iridium sat. phone, AT&T System 75 tele- phone PBX with 68 telephone lines. • 20,000-lb. stern A-frame, 5-t. 35-ft. knuckle crane on bow, 10-t. 43-ft. telescoping boom crane on aft deck, 21-in. cap- stan on aft deck, Vestdavit HN-9000 9-t. capacity, davit in- stalled as necessary for survey launch. • 545-sq.-ft. data processing area with 11 workstations, 190-sq.-ft. data processing area with two workstations, 227-sq.-ft. wet lab workroom. • Hydrographic surveys and cable route surveys; hydro- graphic biological and geophysical research; AUV and ROV test, launch and research; oceanography scientific research; deep-sea mining exploration; berthing/standby vessel; emer- gency response support vessel; search, rescue and recovery; subsea cable and pipeline mapping; ocean renewables, en- ergy and ecosystem study. • Available for lease or charter. SEALTH/2000, 58 ft., 45 GT • Furuno GP 37 GPS and GPS antenna tower, ICOM IC M59, ICOM IC M700, Sitex Pro-Fish/Standard Horizon multi, Ocean PC/Garmin GPS, Simrad Anritsu, Simrad AP-50 au- topilot, twin, diesel Caterpillar engines, two Hamilton 322 jet drives. • 35-in.-by-35-in. moonpool. • — • 120-sq.-ft. wet lab, 150-sq.-ft. dry lab, hot/cold/seawater taps. • Chemical, physical, biological and geological sampling and analysis. WEST COAST CGGE International P.O. Box 2978 Redmond, WA 98073 Email: ACADEMICIAN LOGACHEV/1991, 104.5 m, 5,620 GT • Magnavox MX 4400 receiver, Navstar systems GPS, SNS- 11 receiver. • Shipboard computing center, abyssal-depth geological survey system (photo and geoacoustic), deep-sea geoacoustic system, ocean long-range scan sonar, processing grab with TV camera, box corer, echosounder deepwater grab sampler, long baseline and ultrashort baseline modes. • — • 16-t. heavy lift derrick, four loading booms, 5-t. R-frame hydralic derrick, 160-kn deep-sea towing winch, 12-kn seismic streamer winch, 2.5-kn magnetometer winch, 5-kn geophysical winch, 240-kn oceanographic winch, 12-kn oceanographic winch. • 68-cu.-m seismic lab, 8.5-m magnetic tape storage, 70-m deepwater survey lab, 50-m hydrographic and underwater hang lab, 43-cu.-m field data processing lab, three 27-cu.-m photolabs, 12-cu.-m geological lab, 137-cu.-m chemical and spectral lab, 26-cu.-m express-analysis lab. • Geological, geophysical and seismic surveys. • — BORIS PETROV/1984, 75.5 m, 2,325 GT • 14-m ocean radar, Racal Decca, Tracor automatic Omega II, Magnavox MX 1107 RS, integrated navigation system, NA- VOS 625, GPS Trimble 5400 gyrocompass, speed log IEL-2M Doppler log, Atlas DOLOG12D, radio direction finder. • Netos 625 integrated scientific system; multigram ECHOS625; DeepSea ELAC; computers 286, 386, 486; VT600 2 percent. "No Break" system; Benson 1222 BBC; Servogor 28P ELGI corollpress; CTD; rosette; Neil Brown Mark III. • BRIG 1.5-kW radiotelephone, BRIG 2-kW radio Teletype, Inmarsat Mini-M. • 10-t. wire winch, 2.4-t. wire winch, 110-kn seismic/ acoustic, 24-kn seismic/acoustic, two 2.4-t. cable-wire seis- mic chain winches, 1.5-t. wire winch. • — • Geological, geophysical survey. • Available for lease or charter. GELENDZHIK/1982, 104.5 m, 5,620 GT • Leica MX4400 GPS, integrated navigation system, SNS transit system, radar, Doppler speed log, gyrocompass, dy- namic positioning. • Three-beam echosounder, Simrad EM12S multibeam sonar • MARISAT. • 160-knot deep-sea towing winch, two oceanographic winches, seismic streamer winch, two geophysical winches, hydraulic rotating cranes. • Chemical and spectral lab, three photo labs, two X-ray spectral analysis labs, samples storage. • Geophysical, hydrographic research ice-rated to 30 per- cent floating ice. • Available for lease or charter. YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA/1985, 104.5 m, 4,330 GT • Integrated navigation system, Furuno GPS, DGPS, subsea acoustic navigation, Furuno radar, gyrocompasses, naviga- tion echosounder. • Three-beam echosounder, towed camera system, CTD, MAK-1M dual-frequency side scan sonar to 6,000 m depth, net sounder, sub-bottom profiler, coring system. • HF, VHF, Furuno GMDSS, Inmarsat B. • Launch/recovery system, A-frame, J-frames, deep-sea tow- ing and seismic streamer, four geophysical winches, trawl winches, air gun winch, traction winch, four cranes. • Two X-ray analysis labs; chemical, geophysical, seismic, photographic, geological labs; other labs. • Geological, geophysical surveys. • Available for lease or charter.

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