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Page 110 of 119 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2017 111 University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science Technology 1000 Pope Rd. Honolulu, HI 96822 Email: KA'IMIKAI-O-KANALOA/1979/1993, 223 ft., 259 GT • Trimble SPS461 GPS receiver, Teledyne TSS Meridian MAHRS, Sperry Mk 37 gyros, Truetime 100i GPS timeserver. • SeaBeam 3012 multibeam mapping system, WH300 300- kHz ADCP, Sea-Bird CTD with rosette with assorted bottles, underway scientific seawater system. • HF (SSB), VHF, Inmarsat C, NERA F77, cell phone. • Markey DESH-5 single-drum hydrographic winch (9,000 m of 0.322-in. three-conductor EM CTD cable), Northern Line coring winch (Model 3355-EHAOW) with 10,000 m of 9/16-in. 3-by-19 wire, 15-t. stern A-frame, 10-lb. Pitman crane (02 deck), 20-t. max. Aurora 45F folding crane model 45KTNC 10000, and 1-t. North American utility crane (both on aft deck). • DOER Marine H6000 ROV with two manipulators, HD camera, microCTD and manifold for scientific packages. • General purpose oceanographic vessel configured to service University of Hawaii manned submarines and ROV operations. • Available for lease or charter. KILO MOANA/2002, 186 ft., 1,407 GT • Integrated bridge, EDI vessel control system, Teledyne TSS model POS/MV 320 inertial unit, gyrocompass, Raytheon STD-20 DGPS, Raytheon Raychart 420, 3- and 10-cm sur- face-search radars, Sperry Marine Decca BridgeMaster E250. • DOER Marine H6000 ROV with two manipulators, HD camera, microCTD and manifold for scientific packages. • HF (SSB) VHF, Inmarsat C, HiSeasNet C-band VSAT, GMDSS (JRC Area 4 Cert d VHF). • Stern Dynacon U-frame, port heavy-lift crane A North American, MCT-2540 crane (10-t. at a 34-ft. radius), star- board towing crane, Appleton Marine Inc. model KEB 50-35 (10-t.), Caley hydrographic winch system (10,000 m of 0.322- in. EM wire) Dynacon traction winch (10,000 m of 9/16-in. 3-by-19 wire or 10,000 m of 0.680 fiber-optic cable). • Hydrographic lab is 290 sq. ft., chemical is 290 sq. ft., wet is 320 sq. ft., meteorological is 270 sq. ft., general labs total 820 sq. ft., computer is 560 sq. ft., conference room is 270 sq. ft., library is 260 sq. ft., staging bay is 370 sq. ft., 4,200-sq.-ft. exterior working space with 2-ft. bolt socket grid. • Unrestricted ocean service, ice-class DO • — University of Puerto Rico Marine Sciences Department Call Box 9000 Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000 SULTANA/1972, 42 ft., — • Autopilot, Garmin 215 GPS, Furuno depth sounder to 1,000 ft., Raytheon radar with 24-mi. range. • VHF radio. • Achilles 11-ft. rubber boat with motor. • Anchor winch, hydrographic winch with 400-m cable. • Northern Light 8-k generator, Cumming 6-cylinder 430 hp. • Oceanographic research. • — University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Center for Great Lakes Studies 600 E. Greenfield Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53217 NEESKAY/1970, 21.6 m, 75 GT • 72-mi. Furuno radar, KVH Azimuth 314 fluxgate compass, Sperry MK 27 gyro with autopilot, Northstar 951XD DGPS system with electronic charts, Lowrance 2400 digital depth sounder, two transducers (8° and 20°). • Sea-Bird CTD profiler, rosette sampler, hydrographic casts, current meter deployment, surface water temperature chart recorder, vertical and horizontal net tows, trawling, dredging, box coring and sediment sampling. • Two VHF-FM radiotelephones. • Gearmatic hydraulic anchor winch with 733 m of 3/8-in. cable, HIAB-articulated hydraulic crane, Otis oceanographic hydraulic winch with free-fall capability and 460 m of 1/4- in. conducting cable with slip ring, A-frame with max. load capacity of 2-t., Lantec two-speed hydraulic winch with free- fall capability and 400 m of 1/4-in. cable, hydraulic ram gal- lows frame on stern with 4-m clearance under frame and 1-m swing clearance over stern, max. load capacity of 2-t. • 460-sq.-ft. electronics lab, 356-sq.-ft. dry lab, 526-sq.-ft. hydro lab, 425-sq.-ft. wet lab, 270-sq.-ft. aquarium room, un- derway seawater pumping system. • Research in Antarctica. • — NATHANIEL B. PALMER/1992, 93.8 m, 6,800 GT • Seatex Seapath 200 GPS, Furuno HF WEFAX, FAR 28325, FAR 2822X radars, Simrad HF RDF, Taiyo VHF RDF, Ashtech ADU2 attitude GPS, Trimble GPS, TeraScan DL500. • Sea-Bird 911plus CTD, Turner 10-AU-005 fluorometer, Sea-Bird SBE-21 thermosalinograph, WET Labs C-Star trans- missometer, Sea-Bird 3-01/S RTS, Simrad EM120 multibeam system, SyQwest Bathy 2000 3.5-kHz sub-bottom pro- filer, 12-kHz bottom tracker, Biospherical UV radiometers, LaCoste and Romberg gravity meter, Marine Magnetics Sea- SPY magnetometer, Datasonics SIS-1000 side scan sonar, deep-sea piston coring system, Sippican MK-21. • Sailor RT146, RT2048 and RM2042 VHF; Sailor T2130 and SB300 HF SSB, JRC JUE-45A Inmarsat, Motorola 9500 Iridium. • Markey DUSH 9-11 core/trawl winch, DUSH 5-5 hydro- graphic winch, DUSH-5 oceanographic winch, telescoping main crane (50,000 lb.), forward main crane (20,000 lb.), bow crane (5,000 lb.), Appleton 20-t. fantail A-frame, 20-t. starboard A-frame, 6-t. telescoping boom for Baltic room, two Borsig-LMF 1,200-scfm seismic compressors, bolt and GI gun systems, standard and jumbo piston coring systems, Kasten core, MKI Mega core, BX 650 box core, MOCNESS 1 and 10, otter trawl, blake trawl, dredge. • 670-sq.-ft. electronics lab, 186-sq.-ft. dry lab, 460-sq.-ft. bio lab, 416-sq.-ft. wet lab, 445-sq.-ft. hydro lab, 298-sq.-ft. aquarium room, underway seawater pumping system. • Research in Antarctica. • — Reformar 310, allée des Ursulines Rimouski, Quebec, Canada G5L 3A1 Email: LAMPSILIS/2005, 24 m, GT 114 • Propulsion by Hydro Jet, radar Raymarine C120, electronic chart Raychart C120, echosounder Raymarine DS600x, mag- netic compass Ritchie, Automatic pilot Simrad, GPS JRC J- NAV 500, whistle. • Doppler current meter profilers. Can also be equipped with multibeam echosounder, motion sensors, sub-bottom profiler. • Radio Icom IC-M601. • Stern A-frame, lateral crane, cable winch, bottom trawls, pelagic trawl, net drum, etc. • Dry laboratory is 10.4 sq. m, wet laboratory is 17.1 sq. m, incubator, spectrophotometer, refrigerator, freezer. • Fisheries research, experimental fishing, surveying, ocean- ography, hydrography, seafloor sampling, water sampling, etc. • Available for lease or charter. N.R. CORIOLIS II/1991/2002, 50 m, 836 GT • Two Furuno Marine radar/ARPA X and S band, echosound- er skipper GDS 101 with 50-kHz transducer, utility echo- sounder Datamarine International Offshore system 3,000, gyrocompass Sperry MK 37 model D with five repeaters, magnetic compass John Lilley & Gillie Ltd., autopilot EMRI, Furuno Doppler speed log DS-80, DGPS Leica MX 412-B professional, GPS Furuno GP-31, airchime whistle, Navtex JRC NCR 333, weatherfax Furuno Fax-30, three searchlight Carlisle & Finch model Xenon 1,000 W, fire detector system Securiplex Fire-Scope, DECCA ISIS alarm repeater, electronic chart, Kongsberg dynamic positioning system, Bridge watch monitoring system Kongsberg MOS33, JRC Automatic Identi- fication System JHS-182 • Kongsberg EM 302 30 kHz multibeam echosounder, Kongsberg EM 2040 multibeam echosounder, POS-MV mo- tion sensor, two ADCP transducers, acoustic Doppler current meter profilers 150 and 75 kHz, hull mount X-star sub-bot- tom profiler system penetration of clay 80 m, three Travocean moonpools (12, 16 and 20 in.), three freezers. • Four VHF Sailor RT-146 radios, radio VHF Motorola Triton II, station GMDSS Sailor 4000, satcom system, United Marine public address system, KVH mini-VSAT broadband • 9-t. stern A-frame, 2-t. lateral A-frame, 2 1-t. Heila cranes, Seacrane 200 9-t. crane, two 3-t. trawling winches, net drum, 5-t. scientific winch with slip ring, 2-t. scientific winch with slip ring, 1-t. scientific winch with slip ring. • Dry laboratory is 21 sq. m, electronic laboratory is 5 sq. m, wet laboratory is 21 sq. m, two removable container labora- tories (wet) 23.8 cu. m each. • Surveying, oceanography, hydrography, seafloor sampling, and coring, water sampling, escort vessel, experimental fish- ing, etc. • Available for lease or charter. Robertson 45 autopilot, Furuno, Northstar and Eagle fath- ometers. • Internet, towed instrumentation (sonar). • SEA 22 (SSB) ICOM VHF, FM, King Air VHF, CB, Iridium sat. phone, Motorola cell phone, Sat Com E-TRAC, Raytheon hailer, Furuno Weatherfax, Skytrac, printer, SAT compass, Sailor 150 Broadband. • 4-t. Husky Mariner crane, 750 Danforth anchor. • Dry lab. • Research. • Available for lease or charter. McGregor GeoScience Ltd. 177 Bluewater Rd. Bedford, NS B4B 1H1 Canada Email: STRAIT EXPLORER/—, 150 ft., — • Sperry Visionmaster radar, Suzuki ES-5300 sounder, Suzuki ES-1080 sounder, Koden KGP-913 DGPS, Sperry gyro SR-120 and Sperry Mod-1 compass, Robertson AP45 autopilot. • Seismic compressors, air gun arrays and multibeam sys- tems. • Sailor RT5022 VHF, Ray 152 SSB, Alden Navtex GMDSS, Newmar IP-10 intercom, JRC NCT-196 DSC terminal DSC watch, KVH TracPhone V7, Iridium open port, Ray 430 loud hailer. • 10-t. stern A-frame, 5-t. midship A-frame, 6-t. knuckle- boom crane, 3-t. stern winch, 1,000 ft. of 3/4-in. cable on hydraulic winch, 20-t. knuckleboom stern crane. • Moonpool. • Ice-classed vessel for ocean bottom coring, ROV tasking, and shallow seismic and multibeam surveying. • — STRAIT HUNTER/—, 195 ft., — • Furuno ARPA, FR 2130S, Racal Decca color BT 501 ra- dar, Simrad C-Map electronic chart system, Sperry Mk 27 gyrocompass, Anschutz gyrostar gyrocompass, Robertson AP 9 MK II autopilot, Navtex NCR-300A, ELAC LA2 50 echo- sounder, Raytheon 398 GPS, Trimble DSM 132 DGPS. • Teledyne RESON 8160 hull-mounted multibeam echo- sounder. • System in accordance with SOLAS requirements for GMDSS-A3, Inmarsat B, VSAT, GSM with voice and data. • 2-t. Stromme crane, 18-t. Heila crane, 8-t. A-frame, 15-t. midship A-frame, Karmoy winch for midship, 1,950-m with 26-mm wire, capstan, anchor windless. • — • 60-m, ice-strengthened survey research vessel. • — STRAIT SIGNET/—, 130 ft., — • Raytheon M34 ARPA, Raytheon RL 80C 4-kW, Raytheon DSL 250 digital sounder, Raytheon DE-731 stylus plot- ter, Raytheon DSN-450 Doppler log, MicroLogic, Trimble Navtrac, Furuno GP-32 DGPS, Sperry gyro SR-130, Sperry AutoPilot 8T (magnetic), Ray Fax 1500 weatherfax, Com Nav G2 A IS JRC ± JHS182 digital compass. • Full suite of instruments available. • Skanti DSC 1000, Sailor RT5020 VHF, Ray 150 SSB, Sailor 5000MF/HF GMDSS, Sailor TT-3000 Inmarsat AC, Ray 430 loud hailer intercom, KVH VSAT TracPhone, Sailor VSAT Fleet broadband. •5-t. stern A-frame, 6-t. knuckle boom deck crane, 6-t. vert. capstan, 1,000 ft. of 3/4-in. cable on hydraulic winch, 6-t. knuckle boom gantry aft. • Moonpool, 600-sq.-ft. air-conditioned aft lab. • Survey and sampling. • — National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs Geosciences Directorate 4201 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 755 Arlington, VA 22230 LAURENCE M. GOULD/1998, 70.2 m, 2,966 GT • Ashtech attitude GPS, ADU2, Trimble P-code GPS, Trimble NT200 GPS. • Knudsen 3- and 12-kHz echosounders, PUV/GUV un- derway meteorology systems, Turner digital fluorometer, Sippican MK-21 XBT, WET Labs transmissometer, Sea-Bird thermosalinograph, Sea-Bird 911 plus CTD, SUNY/OI Kasten corer, Mark I megacorer, EPC recorders. • HF, VHF, satcom systems; voice, 64-kBps data e-mail. • Markey DUSH-11 core/trawl winch, DUSH 5 hydrograph- ic winch, DUSH-4 hydrographic winch, 12.5-t. main crane, 3.5-t. aft knuckle crane, 1/2-t. forward auxiliary crane, 5-t. telescoping boom for Baltic room, standard and jumbo piston cores, BX-650 box core, otter trawl, blake trawl, MOCNESS, power block.

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