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          110 SECTION H • Oceanographic Research Vessels • BG 2017 and 6,000 m deep-tow deployment winch, Sonardyne Fusion USBL system, Seaspy magnetometer, CPT system datem with winch for deployment to 2,000 m water depth, 3-m gravity corer capable of deployment in 2,000 m water depth, moon- pool. • MTN VSAT, Inmarsat C, three Sailor integrated MF/HF VHF radio, DSC/Watach receiver, ICS Nav5plus, NERA Sat F voice and data link. • 10-t. stern A-Frame, 1.5-t. extending boom crane. • Wet lab. • — • — Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Lake Michigan Field Station 1431 Beach St. Muskegon, MI 49441 Email: LAURENTIAN R8001/1974, 80 ft., 180 GT • Sperry Mk 12 radar, Raytheon R40X radar, Ross 250C and 801 survey-grade echosounders with Sea Chest transducer, Furuno FSN-80 Navsat, Sperry Mk 37 gyro. • MAF and Sea-Bird CTD multiparameter probes, Niskin bottles, mechanical BT's Ponar grab sampler, Wildco No. 1725 box corer, Mk-V Soutar/Van Veen, gravity corer, nets, vertical tow, portland sound, plankton, larvae, flow meter, LADS data acquisition system, Klein model 595 graphic re- corder. • SSB, two Raytheon Ray 55 VHFs. • Hydro winch CLB 3-10-9h, hydro winch Gearmatic #5, trawl and coring CM-double drum, trawl and coring CM single drum, CTD winch CLB, Dunbar HIAB crane, A-frame, 13-ft. Boston Whaler. • Dry lab is 400 sq. ft., wet lab is 144 sq. ft. • Physical, chemical, biological and geological oceano- graphic study in the Great Lakes. • — HydroDive Nigeria Ltd. 17 Wharf Rd. Apapa Lagos, Nigeria HD CONTENDER/1996, 257 ft., — • — • — • — • 35-t. crane, 30-t. A-frame. • Nine-man saturation diving system, permanently installed ROVs. • Inspection, repair, maintenance, deepwater projects. • Available for lease or charter. James Cook University of North Queensland School of Earth Sciences Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4811 JAMES KIRBY/1972, 19.5 m, 49 GT • Furuno radar, GM-20 Furuno THD sat. compass model SC- 110, Furuno DGPS, color sounder, chart plotter. • Teledyne RESON SeaBat 8101 multibeam swath sonar, Da- tasonics Chirp II 6600 acoustic profiling system, sonar, ORE sub profiling system. • Codan HF, GME VHF, sat. phone, Next G Broadband In- ternet access. • Three Jaden trawl winches, vibrocorer, grab samplers, A- frame, 1-t. SWL. • Dry lab is 3 sq. m. • Marine research and teaching, and research dive support. • Available for lease or charter. Maritime Helicopters 3520 FAA Rd. Homer, AK 99603 Email: MARITIME MAID/1971/1985, 86 ft., 118.7 GT • Furuno FR 1940 48 mi., Furuno 1942 64 mi., with GPS, Northstar 962 Moving Map, Garmin with PC map plotter, Australian Institute of Marine Science PMB No. 3 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4810 CAPE FERGUSON/2000, 23.9 m, 212 GT • Furuno 72 nm radar, Furuno 92 nm radar, Furuno 1500 color sounder, TMQC-Plot 95 navigator, Furuno GP-80 GPS navigator, Tokimec 6M-21 gyrocompass. • — • Furuno Sat C communication, Furuno HF and VHF GMDSS receivers and transmitters, Westinghouse 1000 sat. phone and fax, Furuno FS 1562 HF radio. • Main winch and A-frame at 2-t. SWL, oceanographic winch 1,000 m at 250-kg SWL, 3-by-4.6-m RIB. • Wet and dry laboratories, DynaFlow 1000 fume cupboard scientific/computer office. • Marine research, multipurpose/diving support. SOLANDER/2007, 34.9 m, 410 GT • Saura T-150IIF, Furuno 1964CBB, Furuno CH250, Furuno ETR-30W, Furuno GP37. • Sea-Bird CTDs, live CTN capability, thermosalinograph, benthic sampling equipment, multiuse moonpool carriage. • Furuno 1562-15SSB, Furuno 8500 VHF, satellite communi- cations, VHF handhelds. • Palfinger PKM120, 4-t. Hamilton 200 m with 8-t. A-frame, hydrographic winch 350 kg, 2,000 m. • Dry lab is approx. 21 sq. m, wet lab is approx. 18 sq. m, scientific office is 9 sq. m, Dynaflow fume hood, 600-by-600- mm moonpool located in wet lab, Nitrox dive compressor, 3-by-4.6-m RIBs. • Multipurpose research/diving support vessel for up to 12 scientific personnel. • Available for lease or charter. Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) 17 Biological Station St. George's GE01 Bermuda Email: ATLANTIC EXPLORER/1981/2006, 170 ft., 861 GT • Furuno FAR2127 radars with ARPA, Furuno FA100 AIS, Simrad ES-60 depth sounder, Ashtech attitude direction unit, Simrad AP50 autopilot, Furuno GP90 GPS, Sperry Mk 37 Mod I and Mod II gyrocompasses. • Knudsen 320B echosounder with 12-kHz EDO transducer, Teledyne RDI ocean surveyor vessel-mounted 75-kHz phased array. • Bridge Nokia Iridium phone, Trimble galaxy Inmarsat-C e-mail, NERA Fleet 33 MPDS phone and e-mail, NERA B phone/e-mail. • CTD winch (Markey DUSH-5) 9,000 M 0.322-in. EM cable, hydro winch (Markey DUSH-4), clean wire winch (Markey COM-7), mooring winch (TSE-SD-70), lifting winch D.E.M.E. 20 series, pedestal winch, stern A-frame, starboard A-frame, main deck Appleton crane. • Wet lab, two dry labs, radio isotope van, seawater intake pump, CTD and rosette, Millipore Alpha-Q reagent water system. • Berthing for up to 22 scientists and technicians. • Deepsea oceanography. • Available for lease or charter with prior communication to marine superintendent. EGS (Asia) Ltd. 5th Floor, Zung Fu Industrial Building 1067 King's Road, Quarry Bay Hong Kong RIDLEY THOMAS/2004, 61.1 m, 1,241 GT • Two Furuno GP 80 GPS, Robertson AP9 MKII autopilot, Furuno FAR 2825 radar, Furuno FR125 radar, Sperry Marine MK227 gyro, Navigat MK2 Mod 10 gyro, Sperry Marine E/S 5100 echosounder, McMurdo M2 MKD AIS, Sea Marshall type SAR 1003 MKII, Veripos DGPS with Qinsy navigation package. • Simrad EM122 full ocean depth multibeam with CARIS HIPS/SIPS processing package, ELAC 180-kHz multibeam echosounder, Simrad EA400 single-beam echosounder, Geo- Acoustics 4-by-4 hull-mounted pinger, Teledyne Benthos SIS- 1625 dual-frequency chirp/side scan sonar combined system • Deck crane, 33-in. moonpool, 48-in. internal transducer well, two hydraulic-driven coring winch with 4,000 m of 9/16-in. plasma/kevlar rope, CTD winch, Zodiac MOB/res- cue boat, port A-frame and powerpack. • Navigation and electronics lab. • Geochemical exploration and geotechnical coring, envi- ronmental and metocean surveys. • Available for lease or charter. Texas A & M University Marine Operations P.O. Box 1675 Galveston, TX 77553 Integrated Ocean Drilling Program International Ocean Discovery Program 1000 Discovery Dr. College Station, TX 77840 Email: JOIDES RESOLUTION/1978/2009, 470 ft., 9,589 GT • DP system, Nautronix ASK5002, three Sperry gyrocom- passes, two Trimble GPS, Sperry Marine integrated navigation system, radar system, DGPS, autopilot and steering control, rudder angle indicating system, echosounder, weatherfax, five voyage data recorders, two Magnavox GPSs, Magnavox 702 CA satnavs, Mesotech 971 sonar, Ray theon 1807 M re- corders, Efratom rubidium frequency standard, Teledyne seis- mic streamers, SSI, water guns, XBTs, Ketema speed log, pres- sure barrel coring devices, and downhole water, temperature, wireline and drillstring packers. • Natural gamma radiation core logger, core imaging log- ger, thermal conductivity meter, four gas chromatographs, inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer, ion chromatograph, CHNS analyzer, source rock analyzer. • Sperry Marine 250 MF/HF transmitters/receivers, VHF DSC, Inmarsat-C system, Navtex EPIRB and SART, Fleet 77 satcom, aviation handheld VHF, VSAT system with two ra- domes, ITT Mackay MF/HF, CW/SSB, SSB radiotelephone, VHF/FM radiotelephone, Comco VHF/AM air transceiver, ITT Mackay radiotelegraph, Fredericks Teletype system, Comsat Telesystems MCS-9000 satcom. • Downhole logging winch with heave compensator, dual- wire line core retrieval winches, Western Gear 400-t. motion compensator, two Bucyrus Erie type MK-60 pedestal cranes, Bucyrus Erie MK-35 pedestal crane, crossline streamer winch with deployment crane, towing winch. • Core description, sampling microscopy, paleontology, paleomagnetism, underway geophysics, stratigraphic correla- tion, downhole measurements, chemistry, microbiology, thin sections, X-ray labs. • Marine geology, geophysics, microbiology, Earth sciences. • Available for lease or charter. OTHER Alfred-Wegener Institute Am Handelshafen 12, D-27570 Bremerhaven (Building E-2525) HEINCKE/1990, 54.5 m, 1,322 GT • Gyrocompass, 2 x autopilot, two radars, radio navigation systems: NMS 2000, MK 53B, Trimble 10X, Seral SR3 with color plotter, radio direction finder, Doppler log Dolog 22 D, EM log Naviknot II. • Telephone, 2 x talk-back systems, data collection and dis- tribution system for nautical, meteorological and all kinds of data (PC-based), HF-SSB-radio telephone 1.6-30mc, VHF units, GMDSS A1, A2, A3, Fleet 55, weather fax receiver. • 380/220 V, 50-Hz network, 220 V, 50-Hz stabilized network, 220 V, 50-Hz UPS, pressed air 4 bar, industrial water, pure sea- water, data distribution system‚ DATADIS, remote control for acoustic systems. • Dry laboratory about 42 sq. m, wet laboratory about 28 sq. m, freezing laboratory about 9 sq. m, multipurpose labo- ratory about 22 sq. m, space for containers about 38 sq. m. • To serve all marine disciplines from biology and ecology, physical oceanography and ocean chemistry to geology. • —

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